ADA Assistance Dog Registry Reviews - ADA Assistance Dog Registry Scam or Legit


2 months ago

This company has a see the paperwork, when you click to see if the paperwork it triggers the transaction so you are forced to pay. Then you can see it. Don't use this company, they are steal your money. I contacted them immediately after the transaction and they said they would not look at it. Money hungry, deceptive pieces of work.


2 months ago

A complete scam. My dog was denied service even though he was supposed to be legit. Ticket for him to travel $125 but fortunately the kind people at Delta allowed him to travel if contained in a pet carrier for $50. Great if your dog could handle this emotional distress but mine could not. He arrived with bloody diarrhea after trying to dug his way out for 5 hours straight underneath the seat of the person in front of me. DISAPPOINTED would be an understatement. Completely DISTRAUGHT would be more appropriate. Do not use this service. This company is a fraud. It caused more emotional distress on owner and pet.


3 months ago

I am so thankful it was quick, easy and totally worth it to me! My dog is not just my emotional support dog or friend she is part of my family! I have been trying to get her certified and this site helped me do all of that in just minutes!


1 year ago

they don,t ask for my address they just take the money.PURCHASE SERVICE DOG SCOTTSDALE AZ CARD2910 $25.00
Merchant Name: SERVICE DOG SUPPLIESMerchant Address: SCOTTSDALE, AZ , 852660000 Transaction Type: Card # Entered by Customer/MerchantCategory: Pet Shops – Pet Food and Supply Stores

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