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Website: 96 Spadina Ave Unit 801 ON M5V 2J6 Canada

7 months ago

We launched our chatbot in March 2020, which was incredibly helpful as the pandemic began to affect our customers. Our chatbot has been able to address nearly 70% of the requests it gets, leaving more of our support agents available to help customers who need more assistance, and Ada seamlessly brings in one of our live agents in Zendesk when the customer needs more help. We can easily make modifications to the bot, and its use of machine learning makes it incredibly easy to quickly get the information we need to out to our customers.


9 months ago

Ada is a great and personalized experience.


9 months ago

This bot will send you in an endless loop. Awful on Tellus and Zoom. I get that zoom is overwhelmed now, but if they need me to come back in 8 hours just tell me and don't end the chat and make me start over agin. Report the expected return time. They reduce customer service calls because the customers leave!


1 year ago

Good customer service


1 year ago

Absolute trash. They've convinced companies to use it in the name of saved time, but it almost never works well.

I'm pretty sure their statistics show that it reduces the amount of people that end up with their representatives, but that's probably because users get frustrated with it and give up. It made me switch off of Telus just so I don't have to deal with this crap bot.


2 years ago

Tried the Ada chatbot on Telus website and it was terrible. Bad enough to make me want to write a review about it. Give me a human all the time over this chatbot beast. What a waste of time. It's dumber than a 2 year old kid.


3 years ago

chat bot that tries tooo hard to be intelligent, thus giving you wrong answers.

bad experience with a site that uses this; because it doesn't answer the question 'give me email for support'

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