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3 weeks ago

These people were my saviours, and gave me that footing a safety net for me to grow and get back on my feet. I now own my own house but if it wasn鈥檛 for these guys I鈥檇 probably be on the streets or in a really bad situation. I will be eternally grateful to them.

My only bug bare was, it was quite hard getting them to fix stuff (they鈥檇 organise tradesmen no problem – but the tradesmen never really fixed the issues)

I wanted to buy my council flat but they wouldn鈥檛 let me… I will always see that flat as my home… and miss it so much. BUT as first stated they helped me in so many ways by giving me that safety net I needed to be able to progress in life

Thank you !


1 month ago

Absolutely appalling company. I鈥檝e been living with a leaking roof since October 2019 and I鈥檓 still living with it now.
My doors leak, my shower leaks and my bedroom windows leak. The flat has black mould that when I clean away just comes right back.
I鈥檝e sent you evidence of where the water is coming from and you still won鈥檛 listen to me! The plaster in the walls is crumbling, my TV has been water damaged, I have no heating in the living room and my carpet is now rotting.
It鈥檚 gotten so far now I have the housing ombudsman involved along with a local MP, environmental health and citizens advise. We pay our rent without question but yet your breaching our rights daily.
Under the landlord and tenancy act section 11 you are responsible for structural damage to a building so your breaching my rights as a tenant and breaking the law.
I鈥檝e had 7 workmen out to attempt to fix the shower with no luck. 6 workmen out to attempt to fix the leaking doors with no luck and absolutely god knows how many workmen out to look at the roof.



11 months ago

The best housing company ever. Patrice Campbell and Tom was always helpful and accomodating to our needs. Lived in flats for a few years and was great but was offered a new build house, which we took. Unfortunately, we kick ourselves in the face every single day as bigger/ newer is not always better. We realised this after spending 20k to do up the house but… It just doesn't feel like home. You can't beat the customer service at Adactus and we regret having to leave.


1 year ago

I moved into this house 5 years ago in 2015 and it looked like a nice house and a good location to live in.
I immediately encountered a rat/mouse problem. I would see a mouse everyday in my kitchen and I would scream and run. This caused me so much horror and I started to feel unwell and stressed. I rang Adactus and all they did was refer the problem to council pest control. Pest control blocked a hole under the kitchen cupboard and told me if I need further services from them I would have to pay them. I was so angry about why I had to pay out of my own pocket. The rat/mouse problem wasn't eradicated. Sometimes I hear rats running through the kitchen ceiling and also get a revolting smell of dead rats around the house regardless of the amount of cleaning and air freshener I use.
I had my house professionally decorated from top to bottom. However the wallpaper has started to mould away in places due to the amount of damp in the walls. My childrens bedroom ceiling started to grow mould and I have to keep cleaning it as my children are getting worried. The roof gutters are blocked with large amounts of weed growing inside, causing the water to splash out and leak through the roof. They haven't sorted this problem and have never stated they will sort it out.
Next up, the bathroom is so small and there is no window to allow ventilation. With it being the end terraced house it is possible to install a window but they have never agreed with this. The extractor fan stopped working and it took them 3 weeks to to fit a new one. Prior to that when we were using the shower all the steam would steam up the windows upstairs. Even after the new fan was fitted it was still happening so when when checked above in the loft it turned out all the loft insulation was blocking the fan, making it ineffective. It just sends the steam into the loft whereas its supposed to flow out of the building.
The bathtub had broken support handles and it was risky using it due to the fear of slipping and falling. After 2 years, they agreed about this but instead of fixing new bathtub handles, they just stuck a large handle on the wall and have ignored the dangerous handle fixings protruding out. The bath side panel has come off so many times and been hanging loose with dangerous sharp edges. They have, after 2 years put a few screws to hold it in place but the panel still comes loose.
Since I have lived here, numerous fittings have become faulty. I have had replaced many internal door handles, light switches, special tube style bulbs.
One night the bathroom door handle mechanism failed and I was locked in the bathroom for hours alone. I was lucky enough to have my mobile phone with me and I told a family member to come and help me. I was also lucky that the front door was left unlocked so he could come in and assist me. He used a crowbar and chisel and hammer to detach the handle mechanism from the latch causing minimal damage. This is why im asking for a window in the bathroom because it is a health and safety issue, required for escape in an emergency, such as a fire or being able to shout out for help.
The bathroom and kitchen cabinet bulbs are so old they can't be replaced and they haven't bothered replacing them.
This house is so cold all the time, even in summer. It should be insulated from outside. We are spending huge amounts of energy bills to keep warm and live comfortably.
In 2014 we contacted them and asked if we could fit a gas fire in the living room and they said we had permission to do it. I asked a qualified and registered gas man to fit it. He recommended a brand new gas fire with surround from B&Q. He installed it with extra pipework routed from the gas supply and handed me the certificate of approval. 6 months later Adactus found out about it when they visited and said they were going to do a safety check. After he did it he said they were blocking the supply and we we were not allowed to use it. He didn't give a good reason for doing this and I was extremely upset and worried about how I would keep the house warm.
The front door doesn't shut properly, the handle keeps falling off, its been like this for 6 months and now they said its booked in for repair. Its so embarrassing when my family and guests come it causes me so much stress.
The worst thing that has happened now is the boiler has been leaking and the hot water doesn't work now. The same gas man who blocked the gas fire came to repair it. I knew it was going to be bad news when I saw him. He turned the boiler and hot water off and said it needed a hydraulic block. I asked him many questions about the repair and how long it would take to fix. He just said he's emailed the department for a new part to be ordered and he didn't reassure me when I will have hot water or what the alternatives are. He left me with 2 electric fan heaters. Its almost December now and its freezing cold, its been 3 weeks, every time I contact them they just say we will contact you when the parts are ready. They should have these parts ready and immediately available but yet are making tenants suffer due to their incompetence. I am fuming, my children are getting worried and ill. I am suffering bad health because Adactus are making my family live in dangerous conditions.
I also need to mention the leaking kitchen tap now. Its so loose and its dripping water 24/7. I waited in my house all day last week for the repair appointment then they rang me and said the worker had to go home due to an emergency. It was rearranged for next week and I have been waiting in my house all day expecting them to come. Again, this time they have rang me saying the van has broken down and the appointment has been rearranged again.
I am absolutely traumatised. I have given up important jobs and plans only to be messed around and not being able to do normal things in my life.
I have had no choice but to contact housing solicitors to look into this and help me. I want to take legal action against them and recover costs for what they have put my family through. They have received over 拢26000 in rent from me and they are not giving me the home I want.
I will finish off by saying, be careful and try to avoid. If you have vulnerable family members, avoid at all cost. Their homes are dangerous and they won't take action unless you scream at them.
Do your research about Adactus and thoroughly check all houses and raise concerns immediately. If you find out about any unsafe accommodations report them.
I will keep everybody informed about what happens.
Thank you for reading. Bye.


1 year ago

just under 7 years ago we moved into a 2 bedroomed house with our 2 week old daughter, within her 1st 6 months she was rushed into hospital twice,once with a life threatening low blood oxygen. the damp has mean i,ve also developed polyps in my sinuses & i had infection for 4 months of hell before being operated on. my daughter is SEVEN this month & still has no bedroom due to the 2nd bedroom having NEVER been usable.they have done patch up jobs, botch jobs ,all over the place.refused works which they,ve admitted need doing. but worst of all, split a family in two due to stress. me & my ex are now seperated parents living under the same roof & my poor daughter suffering it all.with still no bedroom.the staff at adactus are ignorant, hard faced & will say anything to feed you a line in avoiding having the works done.this house has brought me to the brink of suicide & i,ve not worked in 3 years due to depression.the works to fix the damp are once again in the pipeline, but adactus did,nt have the manners to let me know,as a customer.environmental health had to contact me & my m.p . i,ll be taking court action to sue for 7 years of an unused room, breakdown of our relationship & many other aspects, i despise this company and its ignorant staff. jeff west & lewis bolton are unfit to collect shopping trolleys at a supermarket.they care NOTHING for the safety of youre children & will stonewall you when you get irate about them not getting their fingers out & being know like you expect as a paying customer? adactus housing is renting out houses that should have been destroyed in the 90,s .life ruining, life threatening disgraceful shambolic sheds unfit for children or adults. i,m ashamed to live in adactus housing you won,nt invite people into out of last property was a flat & that was rife with black damp too. i imagine turkish prisons to be more homely. truely disgusting company !! i have very little faith if any in them sorting out my daughters bedroom. it hits me every morning when i wake up how bad living in adactus housing is.


1 year ago

The way they treat disabled tenants is beyond disgusting


1 year ago

Staff always lying covering each others backs.


6 years ago

Awful, don't communicate with their tennants. Problems reported over and over again don't get resolved until you get solicitors involved. Having reported a servere problem for over a year, it took us being moved out at 8 months pregnant and then back in again with with a 2 month old to be sorted! Again reported a problem for over 2 months and nothing done, the problem poses fore hazards and breaks laws but still no return phonecall!

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