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6 years ago

Purchased wall murals and first time they arrived they were faulty, they wouldn't stick to the wall properly. These were only 拢19.99 and yet I was forced to return back for a replacement at my cost, sent back and on a further 3 occasions each time I got the same results. Having returned the faulty item back now 4 times in total I was out of pocket by around 拢13, on the last location when I returned they claimed that it was never received and refused to refund my original order.

I am now down by 拢19.99 and do not have my money back or my order, I am also down a further 拢13 in return costs for returning 4 times.

These guys are really crooked. I would steer clear of them if you value your hard earned cash.

Ps. This could a one off and possibly a faulty batch, however the way this has been handled and especially the way I have not seen my money again leads me to believe that this may happen to others too.

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