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Website & Phone: Havannaya str 11/13 Odessa 65000 Ukraine

1 year ago

Thank you Adam and Eva, Aleksandra is a matchmaker from God! It had been a long way for me to actually complete my search. I tried many Ukrainian marriage agencies , most of them are obvious scam. Some are legit but ladies look nothing like their photos and asking for money. It was a happy coincidence to actually find you guys. Adam and Eva is not actually a regular dating agency, but they are matchmaking company with completely different approach. They interviewed me for 2 hours initially, OMG! Their service is very expensive but every dollar worth it. Believe me guys you don鈥檛 want to know how much my precious search cost me… At Adam and Eva the intro process before live meeting with women is set very smartly. You really get to know selected women very detailed. You create special bond with 2 ladies you mostly feel are for you. The total experience was absolutely stress free. Aleksandra introduced me to Anna from Crimea, and we are married for 2 months already. I write it now and not before as Aleksandra told me not to share it much before we actually get married, as she says Happiness loves silence. I highly recommend Aleksandra and her agency as most honest and actually resultative. They did what they promised.


1 year ago

High quality honest matchmaking service. Adam and Eva are not a regular dating service but a matchmaking company, they carefully work with you and your information to offer very compatible women candidates. They deliver truly fine service I have to say. We worked remotely for 3 months before I actually came to Ukraine to meet women they selected for me. I met fantastic woman Natalia with them, we are dating 6 months already and plan our wedding for March 2020. Aleksandra I thank you and your staff, keep doing a great job!

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