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4 years ago

Quote was scheduled for the next day. Trim was scheduled for the week that we actually received more than 10 inches of rain. They called on Thursday to reschedule for Saturday morning because they remembered that I was under a deadline to get it done because I was changing insurance. The crew showed up on time. They carefully sterilized every piece of equipment that touched my live oak. They cut back from the roof while preserving the look of the canopy. They sprayed every spot that was cut with a black spray sealer to protect from oak wilt. I appreciate their professionalism, their willingness to work with my deadline despite the weather, and their extremely fair price. Thanks so much Adams Apple Tree Service.


5 years ago

I have been using this company for several years. I get my trees trimmed once a year. This year I scheduled the appointment as usual. They were a no show. They told me they havent done yearly tree trimming for several years. That's weird, because someone has been coming out every year with a van that says Adams Apple Tree Service to trim my trees. I took the day off for them to no show me and say they dont do what I have been paying them to do every year for 15 years. Someone is on drugs and it is not me. Terrible service

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