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9 months ago

Shambles of a customer service. My charger didn't arrive but got send back to a UK warehouse so I need to foot the cost to either send it back to China or get it re-delivered. Tried emailing the company and just got poorly worded cheek back and forth for a couple of days then they stopped replying. I'm now chargerless and 拢30 down.


1 year ago

Terrible customer service. If you have a problem they take weeks to reply and in the end ask you to mail item back to China if any issues. Avoid like the plague.


1 year ago

This company has incredibly poor products and even worse customer service. The charger I purchased from them lasted two months before it gave out, I then contacted the company and received very poorly written short worded replies to my inquiries about the situation. They told me I could either post the charger back and they would send me a new one or I could keep the broken one and buy a new one at half cost. I replied asking them if they would cover the return shipping cost if I sent the charger back and they just said, quote, 'you need pay by yourself. thanks'.
This is not how legitimate companies operate, and I would not recommend using them. Go with a more reputable website even if it means paying a little extra. I learned that the hard way.


1 year ago

Takes a few days because the item is coming straight from China, however I was happy with the product: a true ASUS power adapter for my Zenbook (not a lookalike that fits loosely like it happened with other (european!) online shops).

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