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5 months ago

Purchased a portable, shock-resistant external Adata HDD, to use for storing my backups. It was intended to replace a bunch of old HDD's that were getting close to being a decade old.

It was two roughly two years, maybe less, before the HDD began having noticeable glitches; including connection trouble.
Now, it's about three years on, and this thing is almost dysfunctional. Every time I connect it, I'm worried that 'this will be the day' that I lose all my backups. It takes minutes to connect, minutes to open large folders, and often fails to do so at all.

All in all, my Adata has vastly underperformed each and every external HDD I've ever owned. Despite its supposed "shock resistance", every single one of them has lasted longer, under more strenuous conditions, and with more frequent use; all the while, being less prone to failure. This includes HP's, Samsungs, and more.

If you're one of those demanding consumers that believes the products you buy should actually *work*, you might want to avoid Adata.


5 months ago

I had a regrettable experience with Adata's usb sticks. From not getting recognised properly to going down to zero transfer speed for actual extended amounts of time..


8 months ago

I purchased an SU800 M.2 2280 128GB SSD for 49.78$ in 2016 because I wanted to save 15$ from buying it from a reputable company such as Samsung. However, that came back to bite me quicker than expected. In only 4 months did the SSD fail in my elite book laptop. I lost all my work and needed to RMA it. They agreed to the RMA, however they require you to send it in a box big enough to keep it secure. The problem with that is sending a box that is that big for something so small is going to cost a good chunk of change to get it shipped. That鈥檚 right, they don鈥檛 cover shipping prices. I had to pay 12$ to get it shipped to CA for repairs. They then took half a month after arriving at their warehouse to respond and ship out the replacement. Once the replacement arrived a 30+ days after breaking, I see they sent it in a small envelope rendering the device easy to get damaged in shipping. AND IT DID. I installed their software and it showed that the SSD had less than 25% health remaining. I called and asked them about this and they said the software wasn鈥檛 accurate. Little did either of us know, the SSD died in 2 months. I went through the RMA process again and a month later received the replacement for the third time. They decided to blame me that I put it in a computer that was killing it. At the time I thought that was a fair assessment. Maybe my laptop was the culprit? So I took the precaution and placed it into my desktop rather than my laptop to prove if the issue was on my end. LESS THAN A WEEK PASSED, and that SSD died for a third time. This computer had a 256 GB m.2 SSD from Samsung for 2 full years before installing the ADATA one in the exact same port and I have been using it to this day and works flawlessly. I asked ADATA support if I could just have a refund instead of going through this horror again and they denied it. Their policy clearly states 鈥渘o refunds鈥? Even when the product fails three times鈥?I decided to contact them again and demanded a different model. After several calls, they agreed to send me 256 gb SATA SSD. I was hoping that would be the end of this by changing back to a more familiar format. HOWEVER, that did not stop the ADATA drive from failing again. Long story short, ADATA undercuts their competition by selling cheaper hardware for less money and when the drive fails, you pay for it. I have spent a total of 134$ on this 128 gb SSD and at that point I wish I wasn鈥檛 so cheap back then and had gotten the even larger and significantly more reliable 256 GB Samsung SSD with the same amount of money. If you want an SSD, spend the extra 15 dollars and get it from Samsung.


9 months ago

ADATA Company offers the following products:
SSD hard drives
USB Flash Drives
External Storage
Micro SD memory cards
Power banks
Mobile accessories

It has also won many of the most internationally recognized awards, including:

Silver medal for excellence in Taiwan.
G-Mark Japan (Good Design Award).
Innovations in the Common Economic Domain in the United States.
Germany red dot design award.
For me: It offers reliable USB at reasonable prices.


11 months ago

Terrible customer experience…

Faulty SSD drive (7 months old) – contacted Adata.
Every communication took a day to respond.

Because they don't have facility in UK – they required me to post faulty device to Netherlands (at my expense – 拢12).

Extremely doubtful I will ever use their products again (and I build machines regularly).

Sort your customer engagement Adata!!!


11 months ago

Adata SU630 speed up my Mac Pro 3,1 . It is amazing what a difference a SSD can make . New life to a 12 year old machine . Very easy upgrade.


6 years ago

Bought a SSD and two flash drives from them, love them.

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