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9 years ago

This is a great free dating site where you can meet and contact people who belong to the site. The site does have a limit as to how many people one can contact per day as a spam control policy but one can indeed contact people there.

However the site does have a scammer problem where there are scammers who use fake photos and even send fake letters who are from Nigeria and even Senegal. They are easy to identify and their mails should be reported or removed. Also one should watch out for translation agency scammers that can be on the site as well that can also be easily identified if in one's correspondence they ask you to send them money to continue on with the correspondence. This clearly shows that this is a scam and all further correspondence should be discontinued.

I have found people on the site in the past but it may come with a period of sifting out the fake profiles from the real ones but it is a guarantee one will not have to spend any money doing so as compared with paid sites.

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