Adblock Reviews - Adblock Scam or Legit


4 months ago

Use this and no other. With Adblock Plus it's a bit better, but the free one is also highly useable, and FREE!.
Adblock even blocks ads before videoes on Youtube.


2 years ago

I came to know about it via someone mentioning it to me. and was glad i installed it. It works very well for me till today and helped me to avoid wasting time on those useless videos and pop-ups


2 years ago

I downloaded AdBlock after reading all the great reviews. Yes, it block a lot of ads but it slowed my computer so much I removed it after 1 day. I couldn't use Facebook with it and it kept jumping to different websites than the one I wanted. Not worth it to me.


2 years ago

The video ads are always annoying to me and that's why I tried AdBlock. This chrome extension works great and I am really satisfactory at it. One feature I like very much is that you can instruct Adblock not to run on specific webpages of a site.

I accidently found Adblock even can block sample html ads in SEMrush.


4 years ago

This is AdBlock. Adblock is one of the best apps created in the present days. Seriously, what can be better while surfing the net, than the program removing 95% of the ads everywhere? Yup.


5 years ago

Holy sh*t! This works amazingly! I never thought there could be an app that I love more than spotify…THIS IS IT!! AMAZING!


7 years ago

This is an incredible tool! It has taken care of all the rubbish and blocking sites etc. If you search a site, it will sometimes prompt you to 'allow'. The icon is located in the address bar. It is FREE, however, you are invited to make a donation. I used it for a couple of weeks and was so impressed I went back and made a donation in U.S. dollars. I received a personalized message from Michael giving me additional sites and a help/support link should I have any questions or need assistance and a thank you for the donation. Nothing compares to this. Available in Chrome downloads/Store

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