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3 months ago

LTX6G261A-model No/serial number -02000108 & PNC 913123608
bought on July 21 2020 in Zora home-appliances store in Sofia

Those are the requisites bulgarian service department in Sofia required when I found my new AEG washing machine showed a failure. It had just finished 20' programme ,the only one I've been using so far, and I lifted the lid of the machine to take out the laundry. But to my surprise I found small white plastic particles all over in the machine.
which looked like as parts of a partially broke left end of the detergent dispenser. For more than a decade I dont use dispenser as I find liquid detergents better.
To make the story shorter, the machine is sold with 36 months warrantee, so I informed the authorised servise of AEG &Electrolux service in Sofia on October 29 and they've said their technician cant come earlier than a week later. He showed on November 5,2020 and after a short check and photos he said he'll contact the producer as he can not realize how this could have happened. He didn't fill in the service form although I asked for and said that that the drum is broken and he'll call us soon to tell us what to do.
I was really startled of the fact that a lady callled me on November 10 to say that the producer's oppinion is that we are to be blame for the broken machine and that they cant repair it free of charge. She mentioned that if we repair it the their official servoice we have to pay about 380 leva=
You might not know that for this wm we paid 749,00 leva,i.e. roughly 370 euro…and thats not a cheap washing machine in accordance with bulgarian standard. One can easily find a new washing machine with 3 years guarantee as cheap as 150 even less euro. But we never thought an AEG appliance would ever show such working
I really hope you send me any notice on the problem so would know whcih trade mark to prefer in the future.
Looking forward to hear from you soonest,

P.S. In case you my need any details as picture of the machine and documents. please dont hesitate to contact me.


1 year ago

Three years ago, I purchased AEG Favorit 65412 dishwasher, and have not been satisfied with its performance. The dishwasher has an indicator for low salt level, but it lights up when it is already too late. As a result, your plates and cutlery will have strong marks of limescale on them which are difficult to remove. In order to prevent the appearance of limescale, you should regularly open the salt container and check the salt level, since the indicator never provides you a timely warning. Also, although the dishwasher has a program for glassware, its performance is very poor and you have to wash your glassware again by hand. Finally, the customer service of AEG/Electrolux is very poor. For example, they never figured out the issue I had with the salt level indicator, and I finally found the answer from Internet forums. Based on my experience, I would never recommend AEG/Electrolux dishwashers for anyone, and if you are currently looking for a new dishwasher, Bosch is probably a lot better alternative.


1 year ago

We bought AEG appliances with our new鈥?br />
we bought AEG appliances with our new HOWDENS kitchen around June of 2018. First our Dishwasher stopped working in April of this year and now the washing machine packed up last week.
Both the dishwasher and washing machine are covered under the manufacturers 2 year warranty.
AEG don't employ their own engineers, but rather sub-contract the warranty work out to a third party company and in our case called RESPOND SERVICES.
The dishwasher engineer, took nearly two weeks to come out to us and the washing machine is an eight day wait.
Both unacceptable time frames for product under a year old.
We bought AEG as we were sold on the notion that these were high quality and reliable products built by one of the best companies in the world….
Well I have lost all confidence in AEG and their products and their ability to at least put things right in what `I would expect would be a short time frame.
Clearly by farming out their warranty business to 3rd party companies the after sales experience is diluted and we are then at the mercy of a company I have never heard of.


2 years ago

I bought six AEG kitchen appliances through Magnet Kitchens.
When I came to register them on line the AEG website is so slow it has taken 24 hours to register the six items. It falls over when I try to enter any data and it takes 20 or 30 attempts even to open the website and then it is so slow to open "My Pages" that the connections time out!


2 years ago

I bought several washing, drying machines from AEG Belgium. Also an Oven. All premium and expensives machines. Well, to keep it short it is quickly out of order. 100 % pure rubbish. Never again AEG ! (or Electrolux and associates brands).


5 years ago

i recently bought an AEG appliance from Curry's online website, the delivery was good but unfortunately the product was fault, inadequate wiring. I contacted Curry's customer's service on numerous occasions finally after jumping so many through hoops I managed to get an engineer from AEG to come out to the test the product……..the engineer tested, his conclusion was the product has is badly insulated, in effect faulty wiring – he then recommend the product to be replaced – he submitted his report right in front me on his hand held device after i signed it.

The next i day thinking Curry's would phone me i thought i'd see what was happening, i phoned Curry's jumping through hoops again to see what was happening, i found out that the engineer had altered his report stating i refused him to look at the faulty product which any normal person would ask why would i do this, i drove half an hour to meet the engineer at the house then for me to say you鈥檙e not allowed to test the product beyond a joke i say!!!!!

After a very stressful call with Curry鈥檚 which I had to endure what must have been the story for all customer鈥檚 whom have issues with fault goods, I then got through AEG, this is after two days since the engineer submitted his report , that AEG don鈥檛 have it on their system鈥︹€?. what a joke鈥︹€?in the electronic age they are trying to tell me that a submitted report by a hand held device is not uploaded to their system at a touch of button so allowing them to review it鈥︹€? It makes you think, a company of AEG size with its modern production of appliances does not have in place a system where an engineer can鈥檛 submit their report in real time鈥?.!!!!!! They must take joe public to be idiots.

in good faith I bought a AEG product from Curry鈥檚 online and it turns out to be faulty and it feels like it鈥檚 all my fault , it鈥檚 my fault that AEG product came of the production line fault and it鈥檚 my fault that Curry鈥檚 and AEG customers service is so poor and full of it鈥︹€︹€︹€?. these company鈥檚 should be more obliging to customers and more prepare to help than force customers with genuine problems to have jump through hoops to get a faulty product replace鈥?SHAME ON YOU AEG AND CURRY鈥橲!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 years ago

Diese Seite ist interssant aufgebaut.


8 years ago

Die Firma AEG wurde 1996 aufgel枚st. Hier wirbt man mit 125 Jahre Jubil盲um und Erfahrung. Das einzige was hier 125 Jahre alte ist, ist der Markenname AEG.

Das ist Betrug am Kunden. Pfui!

Is AEG legit or scam? Can I trust AEG?

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