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1 year ago

I ordered address labels from Artistic Labels. Simple request? Noooo…I ordered a pack of address labels on Aug 1, 2019 and received them on Sept 14th. After several " where's my order" email's because the order was shipped supposedly although I could not find any information about where this order was..Artistic wrote "we don't know where orders are"…okay..not on top of things..bad sign..well it got worse when I opened my address labels on Sept 14th and saw a major complete mess up which prompted me to take a picture send it to them headed "I cannot use these at all, I want a refund immediately" and contracted the BBB also.
My name and my husband's name was supposed to be above each other on the label. I have a different last name than my husband as I kept my maiden name. My name was incorrectly spelled and off to the side under the cartoon picture of the dog I wasn't supposed to go there obviously and they left the last 2 letters of my name were not there and my husband's name was the only one on the address label.
I called the company and asked for a refund which I did inform the rep I did file with the BBB and would mark resolved when I saw my refund to my card appear. She did say she issued a refund. I'm waiting for it to appear. I will not use this company as the length of time was ridiculously long and to get your order to where you can't even use it except to toss it is crazy.
I will use another company which I am currently researching.







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