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Website & Phone: North Carolina 51 3674 Fort Mill 29715 United States

2 years ago

This large flea market is located on Rt 321 in Dallas, North Carolina, is open every Saturday and Sunday throughout Spring and Summer, and is WELL WORTH GOING TO!

Parking is free, and there is a 'roped-off' area designated for motorcycles and such up by where the office is located. You can also continue driving up the driveway and then park at the end and right of it, up by the fence and just beyond the barns.

This place fills up fast so remember that, as with any other popular flea market, you need to get there early if you want a parking spot close to the tables and barns.

This flea market consists of long open tables, most with 'canopy' tops, as well as several long 'barns' that you walk through.

If I remember correctly, the bathroom is in the 2nd-to-last barn.

There is an ATM machine in the building marked "OFFICE'' that faces the main driveway into this market.

There is a soda machine up by the first barn if you want to get soda or bottled water.

There are quite a few food tables peppered throughout the market as well as 'food trucks' where you can buy burgers and fries, corn dogs, soda and water, various Mexican foods and juice drinks, and umpteen items such as ice cream, shaved ice, funnel cakes, bagels, cookies, etc, that help give this market a fun feeling. If you go hungry, it will be your own fault as there's definitely something for everyone and the prices are reasonable. 🙂

I came across one Hispanic vendor there who has a VERY LARGE display of several different flavorful AND FRESH pork rinds that you can buy in whatever amount you want. I bought a pound of the softest, crispiest pork rinds, myself. The kind you can easily sink your teeth into while wishing your fried chicken had this same kind of 'crisp' to it! Price was great and salt was exceedingly light, too! 🙂 (I'm mentioning this because this is a GOOD THING TO BUY if, like me, you're on a Low Carb/High Protein diet and don't want to succumb to all the tasty temptations around you! Lol.)

There's also at least two different Hispanic vendors with LARGE areas full of various types of vegetables, peppers, and fruits. (Especially great to stop at if you're wanting beautiful Poblano peppers/Jalapenos peppers and Mangos like I do!) If there's something you haven't been able to find in your usual supermarket, check these vendors out!

There are also some smaller local vendors selling corn on the cob, BEAUTIFUL LARGE red ripe tomatoes and tender yellow squash just begging to be steamed, buttered, and eaten. Lol. These vendors are well worth stopping and buying from! (The tomatoes and yellow squash that my husband and I bought yesterday taste better than anything we've been able to buy in a store!)

Now, what else does this flea market have? Almost anything and everything you could hope to find along with prices that will make you smile. Here's an INCOMPLETE list:

Tools, tools, and more tools!

Audio equipment and headphones, used and new.

Kitchen utensils, gadgets, and electric appliances, all kinds of dishes and platters, cups, glasses, mugs, cutting boards, and various-sized pots and pans including '10-pound-lobster' size, Lol.
Basically, if you need something for your kitchen, you'll find it here. 🙂

Cowboy hats, baseball-type caps, T-shirts, sandals and shoes, boots, socks and underwear for everyone, shirts and blouses, pants, etc.

Hand and body lotions, Sun Screen lotions, etc.

Jewelry, belts, wallets, purses, and umbrellas.

Furniture for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom…new and used.
Also: unique HOME-MADE wooden tables and chairs, swing gliders, rocking chairs, etc., which look really nice! Prices are good, too.

Comforters and pillows, blankets, sheets, etc.

Leashes and harnesses for dogs (and maybe if you have a large cat).

Vases, figurines, and toys.

Colognes and perfumed oils, face and eye makeup, lipsticks, stick-on nails, nail polish, etc.

Garden and lawn equipment, lawnmower blades, lawn decorations, bushes and plants of all types, etc.

Live birds including parakeets, finches, pigeons, baby chicks and hens, roosters, Guinea Hens, turkeys, etc.

Several different types of pet rabbits.

Also, quite a few cages ranging in size from small to very large that can be used for birds, guinea pigs and rabbits on up to large dogs.

There's also canned and packaged foods, rice and cereals, raw and unpasteurized honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crackers, soups, jams and jellies, raw sugar, etc. Basically, TONS of variety almost everywhere in the market and with REALLY GOOD PRICES!

Also, tons of Over-The-Counter medicines for headaches, indigestion, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, etc.

And let's not forget shampoos and conditioners, dish soaps, dishwasher soaps, goat-milk hand soaps, laundry detergents, etc.

Now, IMO, I saved the BEST for LAST…which is located inside the LAST BARN. Entering from the main driveway, you will walk down approximately 3/4th of the walkway and then, on your left, you'll see a place where VETERANS ARE SELLING ALL KINDS OF DECORATED KNIVES that you can either use or put out on display in your home. Why is this important to me? BECAUSE A PORTION OF THE MONEY THAT YOU SPEND THERE WILL BE GIVEN TO 'WOUNDED WARRIORS'!

Well, if you think this list is long, wait until you start walking around the Barnyard Flea Market. You'll find it's easy to spend a couple of hours there and STILL not see everything!

Have fun! 🙂

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