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8 months ago

Purchased an item and cancelled the subscription. Had no problems. The delivery was within 2 days (at the beginning of the quarantine period). I am happy with the service.


10 months ago

I bought the item on Monday – arrived Wednesday (2 days after). I received an email from BasePrice the same week. They let me know that I have signed in in a membership plan and if I don`t plan to use it and don`t want to be charged I can terminate it. So I did…
My overall experience is very very good and I would recommend it. 🙂


1 year ago

I misunderstood the subscription and came to purchase something I did not need. My mistake. I had a very responsive supporter who gave me an immediate refund. Well functioning website, helpful support. Clearly a reason to make our next purchases on this site.


1 year ago

Excellent prices, got my goods the next day. Just be aware of the unfortunate subscription stuff (which fortunately can be cancelled through the Control Panel without having to reach out to customer support) and the fact that no parcel tracking will be provided.


1 year ago

Bought a PS4 controller and signed up for the monthly membership. I was completely unaware of this and only noticed 4 months later when I seen the money 180 dk being deposited from my account each month.

Much respect to them for refunding the money despite it being largely my fault for being unable to read the part of the membership and conditions displayed when making the purchase (due to not speaking Danish).

A know a lot of other companies may not have done the same thing so fair play to them boys.


2 years ago

Fast delivery and great help on the customer support.

The product was at my front door within a day after ordering it.

I realized afterwards that I had signed up for a paid membership as part of the first order, but when contacting the customer service (on chat), they were very helpful and within 10 minutes I was out of the membership and had a refund.


3 years ago

Subscription based succubus site

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