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7 months ago

銆?.5鈽呫€?Good charger, if it works. But if not, then you might have to deal with bad unresponsive customer service and bad language skills鈥?br />

(I am giving an extra 鈽?is because my Baseus USB-C wireless charger with a fan is still working fine and I quite like it. I also never noticed any issues with the USB-C to C cable that came bundled with the faulty USB-C 65W multi-port charger that I am going to talk about below. Regardless, Baseus is not for me.)

鈥?br />

So I bought a Baseus 65W USB-C charger that has 3 USB ports on the official Baseus Shopee store for RM139, and immediately out of the box I noticed a weird problem with the charging.

Plugging and unplugging a new device into another USB port ALWAYS restarts the charging of the already connected device(s). The charger always restarts the charging of my laptop cooler whenever I plug in or unplug my phone, which is very distracting and annoying. This never happens with my Anker charger, or with any of my other multi-port chargers. One time, the charger even randomly stops charging my phone but I haven't been able to reproduce this problem.

Needless to say, I lost my trust in the safety and reliability of the charger.

I wanted to know if this happens with Baseus chargers, and if it's normal. That's the question I asked the seller/a customer service representative on the official Shopee online store and it seemed too hard for him/her to be able to answer. They simply couldn't understand me (not even when I gave a Chinese translation), and said that my Google Drive link that has videos showing the problem didn't work at all. Communication was very poor 鈥?to the point where at times I could not understand them. The only thing they were willing to do for me was to give me a cheap RM10 coupon for a RM139 charger. I even tried asking them to use their native language or the language they are fluent in while I use a translator, but they simply continued to communicate in bad barely understandable English. I even tried French, which is a language I speak a bit, and no luck. It's infuriating.

I have a really long screenshot of the "conversation" in my Google Drive. It's frustrating but funny. I wish I could include the link here.

Oh and I've already sent emails to the email addresses found on their websites. No reply. I tried contacting their phone number which I got from one of their websites, and no reply whatsoever.

These are all the reasons why I want a full refund. Yes, present tense. Still an ongoing issue as of 18 July 2020.

鈥?Update 鈥?br />

Baseus UK replied to me and, surprise, they cannot help me at all as "they are just a franchisee"!

鈥?Update 鈥?18 July 2020

I've just tried another one of their phone numbers. Fingers crossed.


1 year ago

Beware of this company!!! I was recommended their products by a friend but will never order from them again! A month after ordering a phone case, it had still not arrived. The tracking number they emailed did not match with Australia post. I emailed & sent them a message on Messanger. No reply at all even though I could see they had read my message. So dodgy – terrible customer service! Just want to make sure this doesn鈥檛 happen to other people as noticed three of their nine Facebook reviewers also didn鈥檛 receive their order!!


1 year ago

It worked so transparent, so easy to connect, very good sound, sturdy construction, fitted perfectly in the socket, never loose. Very satisfied.


3 years ago

Great product! Love being able to use my phone while driving without the distraction! Mount looks great and magnet that goes on the back of the phones is much less conspicuous than other brands.

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