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Website: Mejlgade 103, 4 脜rhus C 8000 Denmark

4 months ago

Well for me I'd say don't take their 360 shop you're going to pay 1000鈧?for nothing just a shopify layout with a few pictures and an integration of their products.
Everything to redo Price too low you will lose money if you don't raise your prices immediately especially the big products like TV etc…
All the designations are to be redone they don't mean anything the titles also me I gave vouchers to my family it's been more than a month they haven't bought anything yet they find nothing interesting everything is more expensive than elsewhere. On top of everything you pay he makes money on your Shopify subscription.
Well I'll say that it's my fault I knew it but the worst thing is the delivery on their website they have a system of calculation so you enter a country e.g. German postcode and they give all the prices from the cheapest GLS to the most expensive dhl plane or UPS etc…. it is their only positive point (easier to sell in Europe with this) EXCEPT THAT AND that I did not know this system you do not have it on your site is said in turnkey each time their answer is "you have a table you must set it yourself" But how do you want me to do it there are 24 countries more than 40,000 products of different weights of different volumes is impossible to do? ? but nothing to do they don't want to know anything about it and that's the most important point for me. I had more than 600 visits on the site and not one sale 80% of basket abandoned because of shipping costs, that's on top of that, not to mention some sites that sell the products cheaper than at home, even though they are wholesale ? unfortunately I think they'll never reimburse me but as soon as I can I stop my subscription to shopify I don't want to give them a commission on top of that. And the worst thing in all this is that since there are no sales and the best season is coming I'm almost afraid to sell with all the opinions on their stocks which are apparently not enough which wouldn't surprise me since there are stocks that never move I've seen products at 300 For more than 3 months now, if I had 300 ovens in stock at more than 100鈧?that were asleep I would at least make an extra discount to get rid of them. It's a bit strange again, I'm only blaming myself but I hope that nobody else will be able to make a good success of them all.

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