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Website: 1 Bass Pro Dr Memphis 38105 United States

8 months ago

Edit 6/12/20: After being told the manager would be back in this morning last night. Upon my checkout, I I was told again that the manager was out for the weekend and there's nothing they could do. They took down my phone number and said the manager would reach out to me.

First, as of 6/11/20, don't come here expecting to see the view from the top of the pyramid. The elevator is closed to due to covid. I was disappointed to see that when I got here, but was willing to look past it. I got to my room and sat on the bed and opened my computer. There was a faint, but definitely blood stain, probably 2×2" space on the comforter. Maybe the maid was in a hurry. I don't know. At this point after paying 270 dollars for the room, it didn't sit right with me. I wanted a refund and to go somewhere else for the night. I asked the receptionist nicely, told her the situation, and she told me there's nothing she could do about a refund. asked for her supervisor and she said he went home for the day and that she couldn't do anything without his permission. At this point i was only checked in for two hours. It was 6:30 pm. Im back in my hotel room now. I'm hoping management will step up tomorrow and make this right.

Also, valet was nowhere to be seen. There were other guests also puzzled by this. Someone rang the buzzer for service several times, but no response.

Oh, parking is 20 dollars a night, the website calls it "mandatory valet fee". There were no valet drivers during my stay. The parking lot is a large open space with no security cameras .


9 months ago

Best 5 star hotel in the area! We love sitting out on our balcony and drinking a bottle of champagne while we watch the tallest in-door elevator in the world go up and down. We love the high water pressure showers, the giant tubs, and the soft pillows and mattress. We come at least once a year and love this place!


1 year ago

This is definitely one of the best hotels we've ever been to! Staff was very friendly & helpful. Our room was very clean and it was very spacious. They leave you a little welcome basket full of yummy treats & staff dropped off some fresh baked cookies at our door for us! They offer a free shuttle, so it was very nice that we didn't have to drive downtown ourselves. We got two free tickets to go up to the top of the pyramid with our stay as well. I would definitely recommend this hotel!


1 year ago

I am reviewing the governor's suite. It is a two bedroom with a den, all with their own keyed door. Each bedroom has its own full bathroom, as does the den! Never seen a shower in the den. The bathrooms in the bedrooms are full size, with double sinks, separate jacuzzi tub and shower. The shower is big enough to fit like 8 people! There is a fake fireplace in the bedrooms, a desk, tv, closet, and fridge.

There are high ceilings everywhere. The den "wallpaper" looks like bark. Lots of mounted heads on the walls with antler chandeliers. There is plenty of sitting around a gas fireplace. The dining table sits 8 and is all wooden. The kitchen looks more modern and is big enough to cook if you feel like.

Water and snacks are complementary and are in each bedroom and the den! I thought it was just gonna be in the den. I would definitely recommend this place, especially this room if you feel like spending the money.


1 year ago

It was beautiful inside each room. Our favorite was the bath tub that 2 could fit in together.
The cookies were delicious. Just a little hollow in the rooms you could everything. Overall it was a nice hotel


1 year ago

I was a bit skeptical considering this hotel is located in the Bass Pro Shop and in the former pyramid from my childhood…but it truly was an unforgettable experience! It felt a cool and unique, but also incredibly comfortable. The beds, shower, robes, etc. all made you feel like you were in a very luxurious hotel. I highly recommend!


1 year ago

3 days and 2 nights.Worst service ever! Ive stayed in hundreds of hotels over the years and I could not believe how bad the staff was. If i wasted time teliing the stories…you wouldn't believe it. Not one service from the bar or restaurants was correct. No apologies…just shruggs and a f-u look. Seriously…it was so bad we were thinking it must be a joke. Nope. No one cared to perform their jobs in any kind of professional manor.
The only decent thing was the nice cold room. Their air conditioner actually worked. The beds were good and decor nice. But having to hear the conversations of our neighbors was weird. It was like they were in our room. Spending 600 bucks just for accomodations (not including food and drink) was a travesty. Never again.


1 year ago

Nice rooms. Very nice employees. Rooms are over priced. The housekeeping staff are not very considerate late at night and early in the morning. They were quite loud with their carts and when opening and shutting doors. All in all we had a very nice stay.


1 year ago

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! If you are going to Memphis STAY HERE!! My husband and I truly enjoyed our stay. The accommodations are beautiful and the entire concept is nothing like we have ever seen before. The rooms are very well appointed from individual back porches with rocking chairs that look out into the Bass pro below to nightly home made Mississippi Mud cookies dropped off to your room. Every staff member we came in contact with were pleasant. This is one of those hotels that is even better in person than what is on the internet!


1 year ago

This is a fantastic place. Not only is it a Bass Pro Shop, it is one heck of a resort. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Everytime I am in Memphis I will stay here. Way to go!!!!!!


1 year ago

Wow! What a great hotel. We booked a room in The Fly Fishing Cabin and it was amazing! Slept 4 comfortably, huge balcony, big bathroom. My number One complaint regarding the room would be the tiny bathroom upstairs needs a much brighter light. We also ordered room service- VERY expensive and food was not good 🙁 would not recommend or do that again. Also you have to pay for valet. Only way to park here and the young man who helped us was in fact no help at all and seemed more worried about his phone. This was not a great start considering he's the first one you come in to contact with when you pull up. But, that all change when we met "Jeff" the bellhop. He was a delight. Chatted with us and showed us to our room and all the amenities our room had to offer. What an awesome man. He needs a raise. Def planning a trip back to this hotel and is now my favorite hotel in Memphis!!


1 year ago

We just stayed here two nights with our kids. I'll get straight to the point with pros and cons:

Pros: you're staying in a cool pyramid in downtown Memphis near everything cool. The pyramid itself is a point of interest/attraction so you're killing 2 birds one stone. Lodge is walking distance to the trolley. Trolley is only 1 dollar to ride and will take you to the Peabody hotel, Beale Street, civil rights museum, etc. The lodge also offers a free shuttle to anywhere within 5 miles which we did utilize and was very helpful. We took the free shuttle to civil rights museum and then just took the trolley around town and back to our hotel. The rooms and scenery are decorated to make you feel like you're deep in the dark woods and it was awesome. The rooms were sparkling clean, updated, and the beds comfy! Definitely choose a balcony room or you'll be sorry. The elevator to the lookout is quick and fun. We stayed out enjoying the sun and weather for a while. You can see view of Dolly Parton bridge and the city. Every night they bring you fresh baked cookies to your room! So good. There are two restaurants, a bowling alley, shopping, a fudge factory, arcade, etc there. We bowled a game and it was fun! Oh also the gym was great! I worked out once. The 3rd floor is a complete circle so it's good for walking laps.

Cons: the food is basically over priced cheap/mediocre fast food/bar food at Uncle bucks. We never ate at the lookout so can't say. The service was unorganized at best. We waited a long time for food. The restaurant was always dirty. One of the waitresses sat our appetizer plates down, realized there was food on it and brushed it off WITH HER OWN HAND. Needless to say we didn't use that plate but it kinda scared me to even eat there.


2 years ago

Five stars for the room, amenities, and decor. Two stars for service.

This hotel is extraordinary. It's built inside an old event center and centers around a Bass Pro shop. The decor is Oregon lodge with a touch of Mississippi River swamp thrown in and it works. I would love to spend another day looking around to catch more details; the design was so meticulous it reminds me of Disney.

Uncle Buck's, the restaurant/bowling alley/bar looks like an underground aquarium and features undulating fiberglass fish interspersed with real aquariums. Elaborate and beautiful.

The room was lovely, the porch was a homey feature, and the "fireplace" was very cool. Large bathroom, colorful stained glass door to the mini bar, great beds.

But the service. Oh my. No one at valet when we arrived. The bar on the third floor couldn't accept a room charge or an internal charge card, so we had to go get cash to pay for drinks. No one answered for room service so we finally went to get our own food! Yikes. No one answered at valet when we got ready to leave. Such a shame because this place could be five-star if there were a few more staff and they were better-trained.


2 years ago

If you would have told me 5 years ago I'd be staying overnight at a Bass Pro, I would not have believed you. Life is funny that way. I travel a lot for work, so hubs and I compromised on a "staycation" for New Years. Since I had a rather large credit from and the Peabody was booked, we figured, why not?!

Big Cypress Lodge surpassed our expectations. The room was gorgeous with a beautiful bathroom, a fun deck overlooking the store and thoughtful furnishings. Toiletries were also nice and the shower was one of the best I've taken-great rain shower head, perfect pressure, etc. The bed was also super comfy and cozy.

The reason this hotel gets 5 stars instead of 4 is the thoughtful touches and the service. From a free shuttle to Mississippi Mud Cookie delivery at night to a great snack basket, to the valet leaving extra bottled water in our car, they've thought of everything.

Husband's 1 gripe was that the bar didn't reflect drink prices accurately (i.e a drink listed for $10 was actually $13), but that seems minor in the scheme of things. If you get a chance, stay at The Big Cypress Lodge!


2 years ago

The stay got off to a rocky start, Upon arrival the valet didn't really show any initiative on helping us out, we had to unload our own bags, from there we went in to check in. This is when it got interesting, the lady said she had our reservations but it was not entered into the computer correctly so someone else was given our room. Then the manager came out and he was looking at it, he initially told us it was our fault for booking thru even though he had a copy of our reservation in his hands. Long story short they were able to find us a room, we had to change rooms during our stay, which was inconvenient. However, the lady at the front desk and the manager were both very friendly and did the best they could to help us out.

The rooms themself were amazing! Some of the nicest rooms we have stayed in.

One final note , I'm not sure if they stop running the valet after a certain time, but most nights we got in after midnight, and valet was never there nor would someone come out when you ring the bell, so we had to park the car ourself every time after our initial check in.


2 years ago

Very interesting hotel. Inside the bass pro shop with balcony overlooking the store. The room and bathroom were huge and very clean. We were greeted with a basket of goodies and had cookies delivered at night. Hotel is close to Beale street and many of the museums. They have a free shuttle that drops you off at Beale street. Great Memphis experience.


2 years ago

The rooms are very nice and clean. However, the breakfast was terrible. Way under cooked bacon and potatoes. The eggs were runny.


2 years ago

If youre looking for the most amazing showcasing of killing and death, this is your spot. An incredible theme park interior with tragic, helpless animals in captivity compliments long hallways displaying endless photographs of hunting in excess.
Be sure to bring check if they gave you towels, or actually cleaned your room, because ours were MIA and the housekeeping questionable enough to warn you….


2 years ago


I've been in Bass Pro & asked myself:
"Who would want to stay here??? It's a store!"

Well … I was impressed! There really is a big resort hotel in here! Unnoticed on the retail side, I walked down the halls just like a hotel! There were all the amenities of a big hotel. We stayed in a "Duck Cabin" & it felt like I was in a cabin in the woods! Really nice! No stuffed-horned animals watching you in this room -just lots of ducks!
There's comfortable, large sitting areas, a bar, workout room, etc.

We stayed on a Sunday night. Slightly cheaper on Sundays -but Bass Pro closes early and elevator to the top, restaurants, etc all close before 7 pm. When sitting on the porch OUTSIDE our cabin/room, you overlook the inside of Bass Pro. Even though it's closed, it's like looking inside an empty mall. The lights stay on, country music still plays on the speakers, fish are swimming, etc. (you still hear that "mall noise"). WEIRD!

It's still overpriced (like all hotels are) -so I won't deduct a star for that.

It's not very close to Beale, FedEx Forum, etc. Even with the trolleys, I would not want to stay here if I was carless -but then again, there's always Uber.

+ Really Impressed! Very Nice Hotel & Room!
+ Staff was very helpful & friendly.
+ Big Goody Basket filled with treats in room!
+ Big Bathtub
+ Huge (I mean HUGE) Shower
+ Big, Cozy Room with Gas Fireplace
+ Big Porch/Patio with Rocking Chairs & Tables overlooking inside Bass Pro (empty on Sunday Nights)
+ Clean (Rooms, Lobby, hallways, etc.)
+ Bar stays open late in a cozy open lounge setting
+ The Lookout (Top of Pyramid Restaurant & Balconies) has spectacular views of the city. $10 fee is waived for guests
+ We received The Lookout elevator vouchers (since a Sunday night check-in)
+ Hotel has many amenities: Spa, Weight Room, Conference Rooms, etc. (But I still don't view it as a "resort")

– Resort Fee
– Parking/Valet Fee
– Activities (like bowling) are premium priced for unique experience
– Not walking distance to downtown
– Restaurants In Bass Pro are NOT Renown for their great food. (I'd look elsewhere-unless you want appetizers & drinks from The Lookout.)
– Don't think there's a pool.

It was different! I'd say "Go ahead & Try it!"
Hope this was helpful


2 years ago

Incredibly unique place to stay. Hotel is located inside the Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid. Quick friendly check in process. The front desk attendant explained all amenities and answered any questions we had.

Our room was inside facing, we had a spacious balcony with rocking chairs and a four-person dining table that overlooked the store. There was a comfy king bed, and we especially loved how good the pillows were.

The bathroom had a separate tub and shower with a separate room for the toilet. It was especially helpful that it had a double sinks and mirrors.


2 years ago

This rustic lodge and guest rooms are designed to look like log cabins. There is a huge Bass Pro Shop on the premises with a wide variety of items for sale for the seasoned sportsman. We enjoyed these unique qualities about the lodge, having come from the New York City metropolitan area. However, we were disappointed with the other amenities at the lodge, especially the restaurants. There were only 2 restaurants for such a large facility and obtaining a reservation was difficult because of it. We ate dinner at one of the restaurants and were ignored by the waiter. When we complained, the manager told us that we would have to be patient because the waiter was busy serving a larger group of people. Also, the hours of operation of the restaurants, as well as room service, were limited. We found ourselves searching for a place to eat at 8:00 on a Sunday evening, with a purchase from the fudge shop being our only option. It seems that more attention is focused on making sales at the Bass Pro Shop than serving the guests at the lodge who are paying high prices to stay there.


2 years ago

I can not recommend this hotel enough. I am thoroughly impressed with the style, comfort and service here. There were nice unexpected surprises and gifts (I won't spoil it for you). The "cabin" rooms are comfy and we had a great experience. The restaurant is nothing special, but the lookout bar is fantastic.


2 years ago

Just amazing. So much to see and do without even leaving the hotel. Staff was friendly. Service was great. The room was spectacular. It beats rooms i have stayed at in New York and South Beach. Stay here. You will love it.


2 years ago

We planned an anniversary weekend here and it was different. The hotel is in the Big Bass Shop. Very cool. Big ponds with catfish and all kinds of merchandise for sale from guns to ATV's.
They have a fudge shop also.
The Big Bass Store has a lot to offer from bowling to a gun range. They have a couple restaurants. We ate at The Lookout. Separate review for that meal.
Our room was on the second floor and it was like a lodge. We had a king size bed and hot tub with glass shower and separate toilet room. It also had a balcony overlooking the Big Bass Store. It was an interior room so we had no natural sunlight. It was very dark at night.
The mattress was comfortable and the pillows were plump.
The hotel offers a shuttle within 5 miles of the hotel. This was a good feature.
Only issue is after 9pm there is not much to do at the hotel. They close the front at 10pm.
Only suggestion would be a bar located on main level.
Thanks for a unique experience.


2 years ago

Bass Pro Pyramid Review

During a recent work trip to Memphis in early July 2018, my wife and I made a visit to the BASS PRO Pyramid.

Within 2 minutes of being in the place we came upon a kiosk with a couple of guys promoting stays at the Hotel. I priced this hotel prior to going to Memphis on the trip and it is in excess of 300.00 per night.

The offer this man made was to get 2 nights used anytime within the next 12 months for only $259.00, FOR BOTH NIGHTS. This sounded most reasonable and if we were to take the offer immediately to purchase the package we would get a FREE $50.00 Bass Pro Gift Card.

I knew I had another Memphis work trip coming up in August so I bought tthe package and got my free $50.00 gift card, which I still have. The salesman then advised that if I were to SCHEDULE THE VISIT within the next 30 days I would receive $100.00 discount when I check in, meaning I would get that $100.00 back when I check in.

I was scheduled with my client to return in late august to perform the next project so I call the Hotel to schedule the 2-night stay for WHICH I HAVE ALREADY PAID! The hotel representative told me that the two nights I had already paid for were not available in the dates I was to return to Memphis and I was advised that there would not be any rooms available until sometime in mid September.

The woman told me that there are LIMITED Rooms set aside for these promotions. It was then I was advised that the salesperson that sold me the package works for a company called BLUE GREEN VACATIONS, and not the Hotel. THIS WAS NOT EXPLAINED TO ME when I forked over $259.00 PLUS TAX for that which I thought was a really good deal.

The representative at the Hotel told me I needed to contact Blue Green Vacations, so I did just that. Blue Green Vacations had been sending me all sorts of e-mail promoting many other locations that I can get these SO CALLED GRET DEALS!

When I contacted Blue Green Vacations I was told that they have very limited rooms reserved for the promotion and that they get booked up very fast. I asked how many rooms they have set aside for these promotions and she would not tell me the number reserved for those of us that pay for these DEALS THAT ARE REALLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

When I told the representative at Blue Green Vacations that I feel that I was ripped off she merely apologized but offered no relief other than saying aI could choose another location in which I could use my package. I asked if I could get my money back and she said since more than 30 days had passed, a refund was no longer an option. I then said I will give the certificate to my daughter and her husband so they can use it. Then she told me that it was NOT TRANSFERRABLE.

I told her just how much I feel cheated and that I would put my complaint on the Internet in an effort to warn others about the manner in which this was promoted at the time of my purchase.

I suggest that anyone at the Pyramid be very wary of handsome nicely dressed people selling you a vacation stay that sounds too good to be true, trust me, it certainly is.

I will just take the loss and mark it up to a case of my paying STUPID TAX for not asking the questions that are so obvious at this time.

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