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7 years ago

Caveat: I am not a Vinecover policy holder 鈥?but I came scarily close to it.

As a previously disqualified driver, I'm appreciative of the fact that we're a high liability niche. However, Vinecover appear to use this as an excuse to provide appalling customer service. The worst I've ever encountered.

The call centre staff are unprofessional and will say anything to aggressively bully you into taking a quote on the first call. They'll tell you that you'll "never" be quoted again by Vinecover.

I opted not to accept the first quote (I should point out that the price was good – the best I'd had), so that I could read up on Vinecover. I found nothing – neither good nor bad, which is my reason for posting this: for people in that position in the future.

On subsequent calls, I was given quotes, but the call centre staff repeatedly tried to force me into making the decision. They would try to make me agree in principle to proceed *before* they had even given me a quote! Then when I chose not to take the quote, I was treated like I misled them for not accepting a quote I hadn't even heard yet. Lunacy.

On my third call, as promised, the call centre rep refused to quote me on the basis that their 'insurers were busy, with it being Friday afternoon', and 'I'd already turned down 2 quotes'. Then she summoned up a spectacularly unprofessional "But you had some quotes that weren't much more, yeah? Maybe you should just do one of those?".

This led to me making a complaint about the customer service, and I'll say this much: he was a very nice guy! I suppose you need a patient complaints dept when you run a company like that.

For those who didn't want to read the whole thing: Vinecover are cheap, but their customer service was awful BEFORE I even signed up with them. Can you imagine how bad they'd be if I had to make a claim at some point?

I paid 10% more than they quoted with another company, and it's a bargain price to never deal with them again.

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