Big In Japan Reviews - Big In Japan Scam or Legit


4 months ago

The prices are good, but the customer care is really poor and awful. The worst I have ever been into.
Be sure, They won't come to meet you even if it's not your fault.
I highly recommend to buy on some other gadget website.


5 months ago

they have cancelled me 3 preorder


7 months ago

Overall a good site. They are accommodating for undervaluing packages. Package products well for shipment (though sometime it feels like they over package, making you pay extra in fees when you don't need to). All products received are brand new and in great condition. Though they don't allow for order cancellations (tried once and email got ignored). Never had an issue with forcing early payment or delay in shipping out product. Overall happy with this website


1 year ago

I don't recommend this Crap Service. They stole me $ 42.00 in merchandise just because I complained to PayPal why my s.order is late and not to mention this dishonest company not reply email
Don't waste your time with this backyard company they are Not Reliable At All.


5 years ago

Serious company, fast shipping with tracking number, slow response to emails.

I am buying from them by few years and I have no problems with their products, are responsible but are hard to answer emails.
The funny thing is, whatever the price that you buy from the store, the maximum stated in the custom declaration is aprox 19.99$, take this in mind if you have problems with customs.
The best is the proxy service to buy at auctions of Japan.


10 years ago

Very good shop. You can trust it.

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