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1 year ago

I made a purchase for the holiday but had to send it back for a different size. Three weeks after UPS told me they delivered my package to I still didn't have a replacement. . According to their website the size & color I wanted was in stock. They never sent me an email explaining why there was such a delay & nobody even called me. Being this was the first time I ordered from this site I got nervous that something was wrong or maybe they closed. Over a weeks time I called 70 times a day (during their open hours) & either got a constant fast busy (like the phone was off the hook) or it rang endlessly with no answer. I sent emails asking what happened to my order & why there was such a delay &- got no replies! Out of desperation I contacted Better Business to find out if they went out of business. Within a week I received a very nasty email saying they didn t need my threats (?) or my order and refunded my money! Really? I waited 6 weeks to get a nasty reply? All I was doing was making sure they were still in business since I couldn't get in touch with them! I think this site is run with a single employee & can't handle the business. I was insulted by their email & will never use them again! I was paying $90 for a plain zip hoodie but because it was the holiday everyone was sold out of the big sizes so I was willing to pay a higher price. Believe me when I tell you it was nothing special for the money. I don't recommend to anyone. So rude & nasty!


4 years ago

i am a real big guy, about a xxxxl. don't wear a lot of suits but I've got a big gut and my local big and tall shops can't fit me too well for a new job interview. found these guys online and man am i glad i called., joanne walked me through and told me i needed a portly size haha and helped me pick out a shirt. suit fit me like a glove and all i needed was just to hem the pants. gonna use them in the future – great place for those of us with a few extra pound!

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