Big Pop Shop Reviews - Big Pop Shop Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Sadly my vynl came with no bubble wrap and so came damaged. Won't buy there again as it's a limited Funko Freddy. Not impressed.


2 years ago

**UPDATE**He's still taking money out my account, under the guise of 'instore purchases'. This is the worst retailer I've ever dealt with. Phoning bank now, and will look to report to the police if possible.

This con artist keeps opening new sites to avoid customers he's previously ripped off. After collekt there was funkopopworld that only lasted a couple of weeks, that was then closed and this one opened. How long until the next one?

If you want pop vinyls and expect them to be delivered after paying money for them, then don't use this site. He'll take your money, not deliver the pops then after he has enough he will close the site down and start again.

This site is run by a twice bankrupt person, who I'm not allowed to name, trying yet again to con more customers. Avoid like the plague.

I lost nearly 拢300 on unfulfilled orders as did so many other people. Then he started a 50% sale conning more customers, getting as much money as he could before declaring insolvency. A couple of months later he starts this site selling the stock that had already been sold but not delivered.

It gets worse, he had the audacity/stupidity to use the mailing list from collekt to try and entice new business to his new site. On his laughable facebook page (3000+ fake likes, follows and reviews) he explicitly denied, on multiple occasions, that it was him (**cannot name**). It was a new company that only bought the stock from collekt. This was an absolute lie, and responding to a question from me he accidentally posted as himself '**cannot name**' – he deleted it almost instantly but I took a screenshot.

There has got to be something illegal in running a company taking orders, not delivering those orders, declaring insolvency (or pretending to as I suspect) and then starting again and doing it all again. It's outrageous.

Stay well away.


2 years ago

ran by the same people that closed their business as collekt. violated data guidelines by reusing mailing lists.


2 years ago

Scam website run by the thief behind

They purposely don鈥檛 provide any company details on their website as the company is still Collekt.

Do yourself a favour and AVOID.

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