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5 months ago

Poor Customer Communication & Delivery.
Found a vehicle of interest on Carmax.
Made appointment with Maygan with Big Red Kia for following day to test drive vehicle.
Verified appointment & vehicle location morning of appointment as carmax pic & reply to my interest communication had two different dealerships named.
Received a call from Big Red while in route to verify appointment again(Young lady was quite rude, nevertheless, I get the need to make another 鈥渧erification call鈥?people make appointments all the time & don鈥檛 keep them)
Get to the establishment, we鈥檙e driven to lot & the car isn鈥檛 there???
We drive (and walk) around for at least 25 minutes, go back to main lot, our salesman (new & very personable) goes in to figure out what the deal is & comes out with I guess a 鈥渟easoned鈥?employee & says, 鈥渢hat vehicle isn鈥檛 here it may have been sold.鈥?br />
Excuse me???
Then, Mr Seasoned chimes in and asks if we鈥檇 like to look at a vehicle that we can finance? Begins to explain (in just) that the appointment setters/ sales people & the lots don鈥檛 know & update on when cars are sold & sometimes it can be very fast & it could already be sold & just not removed from internet
and blah freaking blah freaking blah…as if…..
Not to mention..
The vehicle is STILL listed!
What the hell???
Not, I鈥檓 sorry for our lack of a system & you wasting your time, money(because we all know: 鈥渢ime is MONEY鈥?.
Big freaking scam joke!
These people are NUTS!
Insist that they get off their bouch茅e behinds & make sure what you鈥檙e using your time & money to see is ACTUALLY on the lot..

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