Big Rig Travels Reviews - Big Rig Travels Scam or Legit


4 years ago

I was wondering if there were any dashcam videos traveling along highways. And that is when I first watched a BigRigTravels video. I am now familiar with many areas of U.S.A. which I did not know it was that beautiful. Watching these videos are very helpful during the very sad depressing winter. And if I need to travel to an area, all I have to do is watch these videos and I will already know where everything is located! These videos even helped me familiar myself with an area before moving to it. The driver is "BigRigSteve" who uploads videos all the time. And as he rolls through the same areas again, it is nice to compare the changes made such as the improvements to roads and buildings.

I do have one complaint, after watching his videos so often, is that he coughs, sneezes, and clears his throat too much. In almost half of his videos he has an allergy attack. Perhaps the reason why I don't like it is be cause I have watched all of this videos, but it is still very annoying. If he didn't do those things then I would give this rating of 5 stars, not 4.

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