Reviews - Scam or Legit


4 years ago

This is the same scam others have reported where a web site, in this case, one that uses Walmart-like advertising and cheap prices, to get you to buy from them and then uses a bogus shipping company, US National Mail, to show bogus tracking for your item. They use Paypal as a means to pay which further leaves the customer with a sense of trust but thankfully, I was able to file a claim which is pending. I did report it to the FBI and the web site provided for that.

I would just hope more see this and don't buy from them as you will never receive the item.

What is crazy is the length they go to make it all look legit. I got one email response saying they are sorry I did not get the product and will check with the shipping dept. I never heard back and still have not since the claim was filed. They have a phone number but it says all agents are busy then hangs up on you. is a big scam so I hope they get shut down soon.

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