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11 months ago

Make sure you ask what their return policies are in store as you have little rights with The Big Sleep in Plymouth if you buy from them which I found out.
Tried the mattress out and it seemed OK for the price and felt fairly good.
Ordered one and after night 2 I was in agony from back and neck pain.
I called the store and basically he had one once before no one has ever complained about it before and if its not faulty the supplier will not except returns unless faulty.
I told him it was awful mattress and even if not faulty it was not a good sleep at all.
He again repeated a fob off script about how the supplier will not take it back unless faulty. So it boils down to what returns policy the shop has and this one does not have any that will help you if you do not like it and will blame the suppliers.
Find what you want then buy online because by law then you have 14 days from delivery to return it. No wonder local shops struggle to survive if they have you at a disadvantage.
Online buying with a guaranteed returns policy or trial from now on.


6 years ago

I personally travelled over 70 miles to the Big Sleep Plymouth bed store in search of a reasonably priced mattress. I spent several hours in the shop, trying out various mattresses, accompanied by a trainee salesman. After being shown mattresses from the lowest price up to the highest price, I felt that, a lower price 1 was going to be suitable and therefore was able to take 1 the same day being that it was a vac pack sealed mattress. After the drive home, I was keen to unravel the mattress. Soon after, I noticed that it looked cosmetically different to the 1 I had chose in store, and yes you guessed it, it felt a LOT harder! So 1 awful nights sleep, I rang the store and was told to email the store manager. This I did and due to the fact that he suggested it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to get used to the mattress I decided to phone him. This was a waste of time, just given a load of rubbish talk about how it will take several months to adjust to it, my daughter owns 1, never had 1 complaint before, your not getting a refund, been in the business a long time. In a nutshell, meaning go away, I am not going to give you your money back, denied that the mattress I bought was going to be any different to the store model. Be careful out there.

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