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5 months ago

I purchased a 拢16,500 Mercedes Vito from Big Van World.
This was bought from an inheritance from the deeply sad loss of my Ma.
Turns out the salesman (Jon) that I dealt with throughout said he had also lost a parent. So I thought I'd be dealing with a sympathetic salesman.
Before paying a deposit of 拢2,000 Jon assured me the van was in very good condition.
I took Jon's word, paid the deposit, and arranged to view the van, which was a 190 mile round trip for me. Turns out the van was in excellent condition with not a mark on the gleaming white paintwork.
At a later date, as agreed with Jon, I paid the full balance and had arranged the van to be delivered at a later date.
Meantime, I had a heart attack. So as well as Covid and loosing my Ma, another stroke of bad luck towards an awful 2020. I mentioned my heart attack in email conversation to Jon.
Time of van delivery. It's got deep scratches all over the bonnet and the drivers door! At the time of delivery I didn't notice the scratches. It was the day after me getting out of hospital, I'd had a bloody awful night and I took delivery like half zombie like.
Jon, shame on you sending out this van to me in the state it's in.
How dare you lie and say the van always had those scratches. It's a mess. I wouldn't pay 拢16,500 for a van with all these scratches on it and neither would you. You'd already said the van was in very good condition, as it was.
And where's the spare wheel or facility for a puncture that you promised?
Where's the phone call that you promised?
And your knowledge of the vehicles you sell is pathetic. Learn your job properly Jon.
Rot in Hell Jon for your typical salesman lies you utter piece of dog poo.
How could you do this to me in the knowledge of what I've been through?

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