Bigaclothing Reviews - Bigaclothing Scam or Legit


7 years ago

When I came across Bigaclothing I was initially impressed with their product range. Stock was a bit limited but I managed to codge together what I thought would be a couple of good waterproof coats by getting bigger sizes. Delivery was a bit hit and miss but they eventually arrived. The coats were reasonable quality but were absolutely massive. The Black one was however in fact Navy and this was not a mistake as the Navy colour shown on the label had been obliterated with a marker pen. The order therefore had to be returned whatever. I sent them by courier fortunately as even after a week after they had reached Biga and despite several e-mails I could not get any response at all from them. In the end I raised a dispute with Paypal and surprise surprise ten minutes later I get an offer for a partial refund. The offer does not include original postage but life is too short to argue with these types. Biga could have potentially been the new source of my clothing but after a desperate returns procedure and insight into doing business with them I now have the incentive to loose weight!

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