Bigbank Reviews - Bigbank Scam or Legit

Website: Tartu maantee 18 Tallinn 10115 Estonia
020 - 2626962

4 months ago

The KYC/customer verification process is HORRIBLE. It is done by AMP partner but I don't care since the bank has chosen those unprofessional people itself.

I have never faced such an unprofessional service in my life!

The person who was supposed to check the documents came to me to check my residence permit ID. After he saw that it is a Dutch residence permit and not an European card/passport he said he will go to get his phone to call someone in the car and he promised to be back in a few seconds. He got to his car and then just ran away without saying anything! I was first thinking he wanted just to repark his car but he just left without even coming back to me and saying anything and I was waiting for him. I tried to call him but he had only a voice mail and of course he did not pick the phone or call me back.

So much problems and troubles just to SIMPLY open a saving account! None of the Dutch banks have such process like Bigbank! Very disappointed!

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