BigBarker Reviews - BigBarker Scam or Legit

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3 weeks ago

I had ordered a Big Barker bed years ago. It was starting to compress and my aging mastiff wasn't getting much good out of it. I contacted Big Barker and sent pictures of the bed. Next thing I knew, there was a NEW UPGRADED bed in the mail!!!! It turned out that I needed a larger size. Before I even returned the other one, they had sent a NEW bed!!! This company is amazing. The beds are awesome and the staff are courteous, friendly and extremely helpful. BEST DOG BEDS EVER MADE!!!!!!! They are truly committed to customer satisfaction and take pride in their company and their product. As they should! Well done!


4 years ago

Our dogs love these beds. We have 2. Waterproof cover is a must, and works very well for our big dogs.

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