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7 years ago

I've done business with this company before, through on of my clients, and have been pleased with the product and shipping. I haven't had any problems with the Big Berkey filter media, so I haven't had to contact their customer service. Their Facebook profile is regularly updated with helpful news and deals. I only wish they carried different brands of freeze dried foods. Wise is good, but I've grown accustomed to a few other brands, which often feature reduced sodium options.

For my personal orders, and any future orders for my client, I will definitely consider ordering from Big Berkey Water Filters' webpage.

I've never received spam from them. The "about us" page is accessible from every other page, and clearly states their ownership.


8 years ago

I have been doing business with this site and had nothing but great support. OH , and I love my BIG BERKEY.. That is all !

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