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1 year ago

I signed up to a few casinos through this site and have since lost several 拢,000's. I am in fact 9k down. They promote fraudulent betting companies for a commission on our losses. AVOID!!

I sent an email expressing my views and got the following back from this absolute arrogant t*sser.

"Hi Martyn, thank you for your interest in

As a responsible betting aggregator we are obliged to follow all regulations and legalities set out by the UK Gambling Commission, and have done so.

If you have lost your money from gambling, this is your problem and not mine. Gambling is gambling for a reason, don't spend money expecting not to lose it 🙂 If you believe that we are crooks due to your loss, then that is the same as me calling you a crook if you were to win, as I would then be at a loss.

Best Regards


This is an absolute p*ss take, I want everyone to know the kind of moron capitalists running these kind of websites


2 years ago

-1 stars for allowing many new scam bookies to advert!!! bookies that ask for impossible documents just for 拢10-拢20 on withdrawal

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