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7 years ago

Bait and switch. false promises of returns and refunds. You will have to call your bank, file a credit card dispute to get your money back. But you will still have to pay for the returned fraudulent and cheap quality and it is not inexpensive either! Shipping to China with a delivery confirmation and signature is a must to get your money back from your bank. From the US, it is almost $50.00 including insurance…… Conclusion: Stay away from those $#*!ers, they are con artists.


9 years ago

They change to and don't answer the phone and the email.One and a half month ago I order a watches and I don't recieved them or the money back


9 years ago

I brought a watch from them. Let me tell you about my very poor experience with these people.
The reason purchase the watch was that I was looking to buy a bracelet only and could not find it (for my original watch)
1/ after ordering they contacted me to tell me that the model I choose was not available and they made me choose a more expensive one. (they did not want to refund the money)
2/after 2 weeks waiting, the watch was not arrived and I found out that it was not sent …. Over a month later the watch arrived in my house.
3/the watch was a very poor quality and did not match my order.
4/ the movement was stuck and the watch is not working.
5/ a friend of mine has the same experience.
I do not recommend to buy from this people. Low quality watch at an expensive price. They are just sieves.


10 years ago

the prices on some watches are to cheap compared to other online stores , so for example de Audemars Piguet Survivor with asian 7750 movement (chrono) is under $500 and other sites sell same watch at $700 dlls , so i'll buy from since these guys have good reviews and they have excellent comunication


10 years ago

I was going to buy a U-boat from this website, however, they don't accept credit cards, they don't answer the phone, and it takes days to respond by e-mail. When they did respond they wanted me to use paypal and enter some odd stuff within my paypal order to make the purchase. All of which made me very uncomfortable about the idea of purchasing through this website. I've held off from buying with them and I'm looking for further evidence prior to spending 300-400 on a watch. Anyone else have any further input on this company/website???


11 years ago

Terrible spammers, this site and the many it spams the search engine listings with. But that doesn't necessarily mean the site itself won't deliver, in either sense of the word.

It openly sells what it calls, with refreshing openness, "cheap fakes" which are manufactured in China using Chinese, Japanese or Swiss movements, in order of quality and price. It makes the right claims – about weight, and how the bracelets are assembled, and what to expect in terms of waterproofing (nothing). Prices are on the high side, especially since it offers "Asian" movements which may be medium-quality Japanese or the much poorer quality Chinese. Swiss ETA movement watches will set you back around $300, give or take $100, and that's steep too, given the quality shown in a couple of the photo sets I looked at.

Moving on to the accuracy of the reproductions, one $300+ imitation Rolex was pictured with a dent in the bracelet, definitely not a good omen! And I looked at a "Submariner" which was on sale for $280 but which had an obvious telltale that identified it as a fake. All the watches I looked at were fairly obviously not the genuine articles, but at these prices, you wouldn't expect reproductions to be so obvious.

So even if the site is legitimate, in that it will deliver the watch you see in the photo, I would go elsewhere for a reproduction myself. I only looked at Rolex because that's the watch I know most about, but if the quality here is replicated in the other ranges, there are no bargains to be had from this dealer.


12 years ago

Beware, bigbigwatch is a scam – My buddy got spammed by this site. I wouldn't trust it for anything.

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