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4 years ago

I will never order from them or do business with them again. This company has their own website, they also sell on Tophatter(under the name SpaceMonki) which is a bidding site. I have made several purchases from them before. The last purchase on Tophatter I won a bid for a ring for $5 this is a ring that they have on their site for $60. I got a notification that the ring shipped out. The ring tracking never updated to show in transit. The tracking only stated USPS awaiting item. This means they never handed over the package to the USPS. I opened a claim with Tophatter to get correct tracking from the vendor SpaceMonki aka Big Bling Theory. They never responded and Tophatter issued a refund that I did not want. I wanted what I paid for. Reached out to SpaceMonki(BigBlingTheory) via Facebook and they refused to do anything. I didn't want anything free even told them I am willing to repay the price I won for the ring, but nope. All I got was you were refunded we can't do anything. THERE WAS PLENTY YOU COULD HAVE DID, YOU CHOSE NOT TOO! YOU CHOSE TO PROVE TO ME WHAT I ALREADY KNEW. YOU CHOSE NOT TO SHIP YOUR $60 RING THAT I WON FOR $5 BC THE THE COST WAS TOO LOW. GREAT WAY TO TREAT VALUED CUSTOMERS YOU POS. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM JUST KNOW IF YOU BID TOO LOW AND WIN YOU PROBABLY WONT GET YOUR PURCHASE. THEIR WEBSITE IS AND Facebook page

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