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Derick, 4 months ago

How was that?


Roman, 1 year ago

I would give a zero if it was possible. I have been using the biotherm products for a very long time and I love them. This is the only reason I continue dealing with the company. Unfortunately they do not sell their products in stores, only online, si one has no choice.
I ordered 2 new products for a total of $130. I never before returned any product, but considering the price I decided this is a very expensive “mistake”. I hate this product and now after 2 days I called the customer service to return them for a refund,
I was told that I was going to receive this afternoon an e mail with instructions. A return requires A picture of the container (???), some numbers from the container etc. the free samples received have to be returned as well. This I consider very tacky, but it is what it is. They can have them back.
Of course I received no e mail at all. Prior to today’s phone call I sent 2 messages, no response.
The customer service of this co fell asleep and they never wake up!
This is an ongoing issue and I do wonder if the management is aware of the dreadful customer service. This has been going on for years.
I will have to call back on Monday to get the information. This will be the 4th attempt to make a return. They are only open 9-5 during week, no evenings, no week ends. That means I will have to waste more time during my work hours.
The customer service is Very unprofessionaland inefficient.


Sean, 2 years ago

placed an order 8 days ago, until now got nothing arrived, even tracking number does not work!!


Armando, 5 years ago

I placed my first order online on Nov 19, for two gift sets, with a nice promotion code (got the email confirmation), hoping this would be a nice Christmas gift. A months after, I realized the tracking number has never been sent out. So I called them on Dec 21st, they said it was cancelled, but no email has ever been sent to me; no calls; nothing.
They said I will have to place the same order again, and promised 2 days expedite shipping. I did the order again and called back right away, they then said it will take 1~9 business days, so my family can not receive the order before Christmas… They said their supervisor will call me back for a follow-up.
We received only one gift set after the holidays, the other one is missing; never received their call.
I called them again on Jan 5th, was told the other gift set was out of stock. But it always shows available on their website! We checked together, they said I will have to order it again. For the same gift set, this is the third order. I did it anyway, and ask their supervisor to call me.
One week after, still no tracking number, called them again. This time, I was told they cannot do anything for it. We will have to wait. So, they again forwarded my file to their supervisor for a follow-up call.
Another week passed, I called them for the same order. Out of surprise, they said that gift set is out of order again! But it does show available online all the time!!! Again promised their supervisor will call me, which they have never did since December…
Do not waste your time with Biotherm. Very bad customer service. Will never do any business with them anymore.


Connie, 5 years ago

I placed an order a month ago, I received only initial email with a receipt.
After this I received no product, no other communications.
Tried to call their Customer Service – the phone number placed on their website is not working, send 2 emails to their customer service, received reply only on second one. Their reply was a predefined automatically produced general answer, which didn't contain any relevant information or help to me with my order.
I filed on them to BBB

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