Bitphsar Reviews - Bitphsar Scam or Legit


3 years ago

When you need wholesale stock, you can get some amazing prices from Bitphsar… It might take a while looking for great deals because there are so many ways to find wholesale stock on the internet. But now I have found a great supplier with Bitphsar.

I had an issue with my order getting missing for one week and had to work with Bitphsar's support team. It was a stressful process but I was lucky enough that the staff that helped were patient and if it wasn鈥檛 for them I wouldn鈥檛 have recovered my package. The best out there.

One delivery a phone on in the order that I received in 5 days was faulty, I place the phone case in an envelope and sent it back, and I received a refund back into my me the a few day later. That is pretty amazing in my book.

Overall, very good experience with Bitphsar. Products and variety are awesome. Great hard to find items at these prices and I buy from them a monthly basis now.


3 years ago

Very good prices, I buy new mobile phones from Bitphsar and I have been happy every time. Until recently though they only took Bitcoin payments and this was difficult for me to buy but now there are other options. I will buy from this site again and again until I discover another company that beats the prices. Sometimes the orders take a bit longer to arrive but still.

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