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1 year ago

They are scammers. They never gave anybody their dividends and now are sending emails like this to steal even more, haha.

Management3X (managerhyip03(at)

to me

Important warning !
-… BTC adress…-
Our system detects the creation of multiple accounts with the aim of misusing referral systems.
Your address has been listed on the system blacklist.

to note, any address listed on the blacklist will not receive payment of profits and the investment funds will fully be a donation.
Amount total : 0.xxxx BTC.

Pending Withdrawal Status will be a Forbidden Withdrawal and will not be processed.

Compensation for violations.

However, as a form of compensation for investors who have violated our policies, we charge handling fees which are also intended as fines for violations.
To resolve this problem and delete your address from our blacklist, we charge a handling fee of 0.00100000 BTC or 3500 DOGE.

Additional address for handling fees:


You can confirm via Email After completing the handling fee, the handling team will immediately delete your address from the blacklist .


1 year ago

Scam site. Never pay my payout using congested blockchain as reason… Whattt!


1 year ago

Do not invest in this scam! You will loose your funds because these jokers will not pay you your withdrawal. Put your funds somewhere worth the investment, not with a company that steals for a living. I repeat! Do not invest here with these snot sucking garbage dumps!

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