Bitrix24 Reviews - Bitrix24 Scam or Legit


7 months ago

Good but discursive.

Bitrix is kinda OK. It gets the stuff done, but I think there are much better platforms out there.

So make sure to look around and see others before jumping on bitrix!



8 months ago

Worst company ever


9 months ago

I've been using this software for over a year and I really enjoy the way it works. The pros are: easy to use; polite customer care; many features; free trial. The app helps me manage my remote team.


1 year ago

Paid for the self hosting, waiting for contact back from support for up to 2 days for a meaningless response that has nothing to do with the technical question asked

Unless your very tech savvy – avoid – there support is worse than useless!!


2 years ago

If you use two step verification and loose or reinstall your phone, your whole account is lost, unless you go to a local Bitrix24 reseller, buy one of their products and get them to verify your identity. Personally, I put maybe 20 hours of work into my index, so it is bearable, but if I had used this extensively, and then lost all that work – God, how would that ever be excusable? And 20 hours of wasted work is a lot too!


3 years ago

A bug did not allow us to pay and ended training all the staff for nothing and they have no idea how to resolve it to allow us to pay. Support is completely useless. No matter how many times we explained the bug they kept saying complete rubbish.


8 years ago

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