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5 months ago

i heard about this crypto exchange through discord and joined it. so far everything looks pretty good for me. deposits and withdraws are fast and signing up and starting to trade is quite easy without KYC.
they are using various techniques and technologies to provide a high security and privacy for their customers and dev team say security is at military grade.
but if you ask me what's the greatest point about it, i'll say support team. you can contact support team each time you need and you can be sure you'll get your answer very fast.
good luck



5 months ago

My review for

I am an independent crypto trader and blockchain/bitcoin enthusiast since 2011, I've seen so many exchanges born and so many die in the years i can't keep the count.

I am here to spend two words on BitSails since it looks like a promising project to me. Why? First of all because it looks like a proper spot exchange with a clean, minimal yet useful User Interface which I like a lot. I really hate heavy stuffed UI like Binance or the new Bittrex or any other clone exchange of the aforementioned two.

Then i like the support given, (almost 24/7 on Discord channel) with a prompt and professional way of dealing with minor issues that an user can have.

They launched the exchange with an initial "Alpha" stage which will help to run a soft debugging period of bug hunting and security testing, which is actually a great thing instead of faking big volumes and pretending to be the perfect platform and maybe ending with a well known epilogue (I have witnessed too many times to this kind of exchanges fails.).

I also traded some little volumes on their platform, since they were offering a 0% trading fees promo, to test out the trading engine and so far everything went smooth and fast placing, deleting, matching both my buy and sell orders.

Deposits and withdrawals fast and properly managed.


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