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11 months ago

Please judge for yourself: 100% SCAM
Please judge for yourself. Please be aware that there are many people behind this including brokers/trade signal providers that they have agreements with and Gets a cut for having clients to sign up and deposit BTC, ETH, LTC. THEY ARE ALSO LINKED TO BITSAMA.COM—ITS A CLONE—SAME EXCHANGE—THEY HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO CFTC AND FBI CYBERCRIME INVESTIGATION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. DO NOT DEPSOIT YOUR CRYPTO!!! YOU WILL LOSE
These are my conversation via email:

ME: I am requesting to withdrawal a little of my coins from my account. I have chatting online for assistant but no one was there to help me.
Can you please assist me to withdrawal?

[email protected]
to me
In acknowledgement of your request to withdraw 4 btc, we are sorry to decline your request as your account has to be active for a minimum of 2 weeks before any withdrawal request can be processed. Please request again in 3 days time to complete your request. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

ME: Requesting to withdraw some coins from my account. It has been 2 weeks.
Thank you

[email protected]
to me
In accordance with our withdrawal policy, you are required to pay 5% of the requested amount for withdrawal and a one-time tax of 20% of the total amount available in your trading account. Please note that this fee cannot be deducted from your account following a stringent set of rules by the US Parliament's Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) which must be strictly followed to safeguard customers account from recent money laundering laws.
Upon receiving the required fees ($15,280.95), your receiving address/account would be credited within 24 hours.

ME: don't agree.
Inorder to withdraw 2 bitcoin from my account, there is a 5% fee. and there is 20% one time tax on the entire amount?
So what you are requesting is to pay you $15,280.95 upfront inorder to withdraw my 2 bitcoins?
I am not even sure I will even see my withdraw coming to me as this was never transparent in your policy.

[email protected]
to me
5 hours agoDetails
Yes that's the requested one time fee which comprises of both your 5% withdrawal fee and your 20% taxes on the earned amount

ME: how about I withdrawl 1.5 BTC that I initially deposit in to your exchange and you keep the rest of the remaining balance?
It is very apparent that you are scamming people on your exchange and I am very aware of this weeks ago along with whatever agreements you have with your broker/expert traders.
It funny when you know people like Robert Lea for Times who would love to hear this story or friends from New York times and CBS 60 mins along with members from FBI cybercrime in San Francisco who would get a kick out of this.
I considered this 1.5 BTC investment is a lost under your exchange but very worth it when you are exposed along with the many people who is involve in your business.


1 year ago

This is a fraudulent clone. This is a scam website registered in January 2020.


1 year ago

鉁?good manager and chat support.
鉁?my money is safe in this broker.
鉁?free demo session for beginners.
鉁?24/7 active and open for trades.
鉁?Widrawals made on the same day for.


1 year ago

Good web trader!
You don't have limit to invest, the spread is less which minimises data consumption and when withdraw the money you'll receive just on a few hours.

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