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4 years ago

Not only are customers censored from posting negative or constructive criticism of some products being offered by Bitsdujour, lately in order to receive some product offerings, one has to jump through hoops and fill out forms from third party unnamed sources. Requiring customers to enter their email address and other personal information.


5 years ago

Online Tracking make it hard to get a # see

– try another browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera
– run Firefox in Safe Mode
– run IE in Private Mode
– temporarily disable your antivirus, anti-malware, ad-blocker, pop-up blocker software you have installed
– temporarily disable all browser add-ons/extensions
– you could skip the purchase pop-up by going directly to the Facebook

and I don't have Facebook Don't Like.

Submission date: Sat Mar 21 09:15:08 2015
Server IP address:
Country: United States
Suspicious files: 3

Severity: Suspicious Reason:
Detected reference to blacklisted domain
Detected reference to suspicious blacklisted domain www(dot)3dpageflip(dot)c0m


6 years ago

Great software selection, deals direct from software publishers. Very active community that have been around for years. Easy to contact and resolve any issues if you have any.


7 years ago

Sometime they provide excellent software with great price..


7 years ago

Unwanted Spam. Hope the unsubscribe is working.


7 years ago

The site has good user support. I have a bunch of desktops, and they were able to hook me up with site/bulk licensing for a couple of different key products I use.


9 years ago

used to be you signed up for their list to get great discount codes on software.

now, you sign up for their list to get an email with a link to a Facebook page that you have to "like" them on to get the deal. no Facebook account, no get deal. still they will hit your mailbox every day.

disappointing behavior – too many hoops, and they run fast and furious with your info.


9 years ago

I decided to review this one because of"dujour"
is my language ! that means: of the day ….
I had not luck today, the software of the day isn't…euh……
does not meet my level of …euh …. clearly it was a [email protected]#T !!!

maybe better luck next time!

But the discount on the price is real, may be should subscribe…

"Good" site, "Good" deals , you have to visit it the "Good" day!

– please – no vote – thanks. Comments welcome!


9 years ago

24 hour discounted software site, well worth keeping an eye on this. I get a lot of my Horizon software here. I liked the old site layout from a few years back but still troll the dashboard weekly. Safe, legit and quick to respond to concerns, they offer a large variety of software deeply discounted. What discount you get depends on the developer. Here you'll find more of the bigger developer names. Some pricey software offered at about a 50% discount, all the software comes with tech support (through developer), a full license and can be re registered if need be due to new HD or OS upgrade. Always have a good experience when I buy here. You are directed to the developers website to buy it so you know it's the real thing.


9 years ago

A great site to find some real application gems for incredible and legitimate vendor sponsored discounts. They do have some really poor offerings which they refuse to take out of circulation, so it's definitely buyer beware. Overall, you will probably find more gems, and overlook the duds.


9 years ago

Site com ofertas de software a baixo custo.


9 years ago

Great service and products … everything is screened for spyware, etc. Very consumer friendly with great support. Check it out!


10 years ago

I dont know but there's an shortcut to this site on my desktop.


10 years ago

Great place to find awesome deals on a large variety of software.

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