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8 months ago

Youtube Channel: Affiliate Marketing Jobs Online
Verdict: SCAM
Minimum Withdrawal Request: 0.95 BTC
Mechanics to Earn: Free. Signup your email and download program and install in PC and you can run Bitcoin Miner Machine to quickly earn random satoshi amounts
Website Aim: Don't be fooled by the quick mining and great looking program interface. You will be provided with a default license key TEM8S2-2ET83-CGKP1-DPSI2-EPZO1 but program will reject and say that it's already used and will ask you to send 0.00640394 BTC (USD 60.20) to address 14tRJmBPRSvsVw1GpDC2AuLuK9QwFvV2Tn to get a License Key that will be sent to your email to withdraw.
Contact: None Provided on website
Mining Method: You need to install the program and ONLINE

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