Bitsofts Reviews - Bitsofts Scam or Legit


2 months ago

I don't Wright review in anywhere and for anyone but Bitsofts team change my life. So this is only I'm doing for make them happy. I have scammed lot's of time and loss my approximately 2000+ USD. Bitsofts team say trust on us, but I was scared about scam. I thought 2-3 days finally I'm try to take risk. Yesterday I have purchased their Microcryptosoft V.0.1 miner software. I have done my payment and software copy with license key or software login credentials received me through my email. After that I installed it it's to easy to install or use. First time Bitsofts team suggest me to start with small so yesterday I have added only 3.5 BTC. And today I have added 4 BTC. It's perfectly working for me. Thanks for much Bitsofts team. God bless you.

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