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9 months ago

Please never play this casino again , it鈥檚 like scam , I don鈥檛 know how they got good ratings, I have such a bad experience here they make you fool , I play continuously more than a month never win any dollar, and after every time losing they give you second chance free spins, and with that free Spins they let win sometimes big , and when you try cash out , it will take all your winning and says from free maximum cash out is 100 only, and after that also if you deposit never let you win , so please be careful with bitstarz , my rating is – 0


9 months ago

Since the day they gave a Tesla (as they say) the casino has become one of the worst to play with. I play slots for many years i know what RTP means.
All games all providers eating money like crazy now.
I play on bitstarz for years
I deposited almost every day
But for a whole month i never hit a single bonus on all providers
or had a good run.
I am very dissappointed.
Its time to find another casino.


9 months ago

Be careful, total scam

As certainly many people did, I was fooled by Bitstarz rating on Askgamblers.

This rating is completely dishonest and is just the result of affiliate commissions.

I had the (bad) luck to make 3 successive gains, and Bitstarz really disliked and started making impossible demands for verification, whereas my account was already verified.

I asked for my account termination and the refund of my deposit, which were denied. So now bitstarz gets to keep my money, just like that, how convenient.

To sum up, please avoid this casino 🙂


9 months ago

If you win they will not pay.

Up to 14 days to withdraw per bank transfer, as they can not pay you back on the card you used to deposit.

Otherwise would be a nice casino.


9 months ago

I'd like to know why I can't withdraw my money. I won 20 free spins for registration and used it on the wild machine (my email: (user name: david glauber) So I made a little over $378, which is what it says in the wager requirement so when can I cash out? Just when the term expires? because it is still at 61%


9 months ago

Hi, I never believed in online slots. Had to give bitstarz a shot based on research of reviews. I started simple with $25 worth of btc. Played multiple slot machines. Won on some and lost on others. Cashed out at $121 after miners/transfer fee. It was with in a several hours. Definetley had fun playing and will play again during down time. Only downside my battery drained at a quick pace while playing.


9 months ago

I participated in a bitstarz free spin bonus called "Second chance Free spins"
I got 0.9 $ through free spins
Did not complete the betting quota requirement
The reason is that this bonus must be completed in this game
And this activity is only one day long
As a result, I was surprised to find that the betting profit in blackjake was confiscated the next day
That night I won 1,000 $ and it was all confiscated due to this bonus!
This is very unreasonable
I have tens of thousands of bets on BLACKJAKE
The bet volume requirement that is not enough for the 0.9 $ bonus
Look at this ridiculous result
According to the truth
If the casino wants to confiscate the profit of all games of the player. Then all betting games should be counted in the bonus betting volume.

I am very depressed now
This is like a trap!
Who needs 0.9 $ to win 1000 $?
I want to report such unreasonable bonus rules
Tell everyone about this unreasonable trap

I have a complete screenshot of the bet and a screenshot of his bonus activity

I have you here to confiscate the full screenshot and time of my 1000 $ profit in the game of BLACKJAKE. The account directly changed from 1790 $ to 833 $ and should be confiscated for this free bonus event. If you see my account, you will not be unaware of this fact!
I can make it public if I can send a screenshot.


9 months ago

On the surface everything is shiny cool, below it everything is Russian. Giving out Tesla, this casino will go cocky if you win even 1000 dollars here. I was a longtime player here and despite the edge this casino has it cannot stand winners. I have played for hundreds of hours here and you can vouch my review is accurate. I cleared their free spin wagers several times with 40x wagering requirements and let me tell you after playing for over 5-6 BTC this is a Big scam. They are doing stream manipulation if you start going big on wins, the cards were switched and stream manipulated right before my eyes to make me lose deliberately. Baccarat is the most rigged here, if you want to be safe only play auto roulette which has the lowest minimum bet option here. Lightening roulette is heavily manipulated and you can see easily that the ball is manipulated. Slots are a big scam and they will let you win the amount that they want. Still for withdrawals they create no hassles and pay out instantly which is unlike online casinos. But watch out the stream is manipulated, they do not have a live scoreboard in baccarat like the normal casinos and only a virtual scoreboard which can be manipulated easily. If they had both a live scoreboard and a virtual one only then you could be sure things were fair so for serious money. So if you bet more than 400 dollars on a B or P at a single time avoid and stick to live. Also record every si gle session to expose them.


9 months ago

I have just read some of these reviews, and I am a simple father of 3 in western Canada that has some time to play along side of the morning paper, and having breakfast, teaching kids etc. Much like doing the morning crossword. If you follow the actual instructions and methods on the site to register your account by submitting documents etc. You will have the ability on this amazing site to payout instantly. I personally use bitcoin as a method to transfer funds to a casino and back to my bank and apps like netcoins in bc have made this a simple process. I have won some great amounts on this site, and it is paired with an amazing selection of truly entertaining games with crisp colorful bright fresh graphics and payout systems as well. They continue to keep bringing brand new games to play, and keep on the cutting edge of casino fun. Everytime I wake up in the morning they are always sending free spins to instantly put a smile on my face. Some of my wins have been stellar here. This casino is for real the best darn experience that rivals the in house casino in my city even as far as how much you win and how quick it pays out. Even the entertainment value really strikes a note of success. Nick runs a fabulous casino here and I've tried many many others. Hats off to Bitstarz… Well done. Cybero2


9 months ago

Warning they do not payout winnings.

My dad was playing with this casino and was lucky enough to get a 4380$ win but when it came to paying out the winnings the casino went crazy with customer support/manager being extremely rude.

They claimed that my dad wasn't himself and he was a criminal using credit cards he didn't own, you would think it would help when you send in driver's license and a million other things to prove who you are but no….

He even made them the offer of doing a video call so they could see him and talk to him but they refused that, because that would remove any doubts about who he is.

So they outright stole the money and stopped replying to emails.

They will properly say they got a license which they do, but that license gives 0 protection to customers using the casino so it's worth noting, both me and my dad have tried contacting the master license holder but they don't reply either.

Best advice is simple don't play at this casino there are plenty of legit casinos out there so no need to throw money after the corrupt ones.

Just search under 1-star reviews in here and you will see the truth, and look at all the 5-stars that only has a single review ever made, witch ill bet anything on is the casino them selfs misusing Trustpilot to make them look good and hide the fact its a scam casino.


10 months ago

the best online casino out there guys, and remember to play it small because it is online. Let me tell you of my biggest win at a live casino, I walk in with 1000 dollars and come out with 85,000 dollars. All through live roulette. And because of lockdown I cannot play in live casinos.

But here things are super, I will play live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and based on my luck on that day I would win. If I am having a lucky day, then I would sit in my mancave, and bet like this, I must have at least 100 bets, and that's how you would beat any casino. Not with martingale mind you, as that's the way to burn a hole in your pockets, but bet a stream for a river.

So you got a 100 bets, put 5 or 6 in roulette and whatever profits you make like say you got up to 110, then start betting big, with half the profits, and whatever profits come you take half out, and whatever remains on the 2nd time of taking profits, you keep doubling it and if a really lucky day you walk out with 50 or 60 times your investment and on a worst day you still walk out with 1.1 times what you came in, but if your unlucky day you will lose your buyin.

So my advice stick to only live casino and bet only on your lucky days and enjoy your winnings 🙂


10 months ago

I've deposited twice, never won even the slightest amount. It seems really rigged.
I have always only went down, even with the deposit bonuses i didnt win nothing (to atleast cross the starting amount of money I had). Not to mention their slots look very bad.
I just feel I didnt get my moneys worth, I dont care about winning big and withdrawing, I just alteast want to have some fun. Cant do that if you always lose in 5 minutes from doing a deposit.

Stay away!


10 months ago

Fast rensposive support, legit casino, real time cashouts.

Everything about them seems legit 1/1, join them and test your luck today!


10 months ago

I made an account with them a few days ago and got lucky enough to win 4380$ on monopoly live and slots, so I tried to make a withdrawal and went through all the normal sending documents and so on, all my documents got approved with no issues.

But still, they didn't want to pay out, a manager wanted to call and verify witch is fine but he never did call…

Instead he sent emails where he started claiming I wasn't the person he was talking to he claimed I were my son, and that I was a criminal using another person's credit card and a lot of other things..and this is not just normal support but someone they call a manager that acts in a very disrespect full and appalling manner.

I tried everything I could to set him straight, I send him a picture of drivers license, proof of address with my name on it, I even offered to make a video call so he could see for himself who he was talking to, but nothing worked he went on to close my account and steal the 4380$ in it and that was that.

He also said IP rules were broken, which in a way it might have been but that's bc I took over my sons apartment and he did have an account with the casino but that account was closed permanently last year, but since that has nothing to do with me I don't see why there's an IP issue, what if I move and someone else moves in here that happens to make an account with them, then they would also be in IP problems with this casino, nope that's just not right.

Also, remember this, most people have a dynamic IP address which means it changes at any given time, and you could receive an IP address that has already been used at this casino at any point in time where you would then break the IP rules they have and you would run into the same problems I have, and this goes for any customers old as new.

So yeah stay away from this casino its a one way street they will be more then happy to take your money but when it comes to paying something out they close your account.

I write English just fine bc i got a translator and tools to help me with English, like on my browser i use Grammarly for Chrome add-on, and yes i do not speak English.

I have offered them to do a video call with me so many times so they can see for them selfs it is me whos playing and not my son but they ignore this because they don't want to see the truth.

And again they are claiming I am not Poul to stop this review on Trustpilot, it's just unreal how poor this casino handles its customers, I and my son use the same email service that's why you think you received mails from my son, it's a simple setting that is set wrong, we use allies email addresses but we both got the same mailbox/mail hotel, I know my son tried to explain how email works to you, but that mail has properly gone ignored as the rest of the mails either one of us has sent to you.

And, as I've said here and in multiple emails to you, bitstarz, ill be more then happy to make a video call so you can see ME and if you truly have danish speaking people ill be more then happy to talk with you too.

The better question is why would you refuse to do a video call when you know I am not me?
could it be you don't want to know the truth? so you can't hide the fact that this truly is a scam casino that steals the customer's money.

In regards to there last comment, to yet again attempt to stop this review.

I absolutely agree that no one should make multiple accounts and it is against the rules at all casinos in the world.

But i do not have multiple accounts as you claim, i got one account in my name, my son has one closed account in his name, there's no other casino in the world that would call that multiple accounts, not even any other people on this planet would claim that 2 people each having their own account would be multiple accounts for one customer, it just makes 0 sense, so please do send all the proof you think you have, it will show 2 different names on two different people, and it will clearly show my name with only a single account.


11 months ago

Every negative review here is a fake.

These people are nearly perfect.


11 months ago

I started playing at Bitstarz around September 2019 and I was a loyal player and worked my butt off to finally get a good wining streak and all because my wife used my tablet with the same IP and Device number over 0.2BTC was in my eyes stolen from us

I truly do understand the the terms of service were violated but let鈥檚 face it the wright those things so lose that they will always have all the power

Now if the rules were broken my issue is there should have been some kind of warning it鈥檚 not like I just stoped in and dropped a little money and hit it big I was a loyal player for many months and had not had any issues any bad marks anything to my knowledge so after my wife deposited around 0.1BTC I had won from my account to hers when I was out of the house and she hit a great 0.120BTC jackpot She went to withdraw the funds and all we got was a harshly worded email saying all of the funds were seized (stolen) from us

There customer service would not listen and shut down any attempt to try to resolve it and also would not let me back into the acount to check the bet records and the bones records to make sure there was no foul play (and there would not be any) my
Wife had her bones feature turned off the whole time so they can鈥檛 say we were scamming bones spins and deposits

So i truly feel like this was theft because number one there rules give them the ability to Basically do anything they want Second there was no warning no way to appeal this no way to get back into my accounts to make sure we did not do anything (aside
From have the same IP and tablet) third there support were complete A holes and would not listen to a word I said and would not let me try to resolve it

If any thing they should have given back the 0.1BTC that was deposited I could understand taking the winnings from her big spin but to take it all and lock us out

I want my BTC back but I鈥檒l never see it after putting in a lot of time and effort and even having friends and family join and play there


11 months ago

Staff was really rude to me when I had a simple question. His name was Jacob, please stay away if you do not want to be scammed!


1 year ago

Upon signing up I was given a deposit match of $250. I decided to try my luck on roulette, after winning a bit, I checked the balance to see what the terms were of this bonus balance. It said I had to wager $10,000 ($200,000 on roulette if that鈥檚 the case as it is 5%, while slots are 100%)

In reading that I decided to go and put it on the slots in order to wager the $10,000 I had to wager. After I managed to wager that amount and get rid of the bonus bet, I had a total of $4500 to withdraw. I requested my cash out and was asked to verify a number of documents. I then went to sleep to see what the update was the next morning.

Upon waking up I received an email saying apparently this welcome bonus has been used on 鈥淭he same IP address鈥? I asked for any sort of proof and they said that they cannot disclose other customer personal information which is completely fair enough. Their validation of this was that 鈥渋t was the same browser used as you鈥?

At the end of the day, I was not allowed to cash out and only received my $250 in my account. After the bonus wasn鈥檛 even on my account and should have been no stress withdrawable money.

They make it impossible to cash out any of the bonus money to entice players to deposit more of their own cash and lose more. Shocking customer service the whole time, would never play with these guys online. All they鈥檙e trying to do is take your money, but not be like a casino and pay the wins you receive.

Shocking, 鈥渟ame IP address鈥?is also extremely false as no one in the same household as me gambles or has ever been on this website. False accusations just to give me a point you cannot argue with, as if you ask for proof they say 鈥渢he proof is on my system here, but I cannot disclose this to you鈥?which essentially puts you in a position of having no way to argue.

Disgusting customer service.


1 year ago

Bitstarz is one of the most trusted casinos out there and my go-to choice for playing online. Best is the fast withdrawals.


1 year ago

Refused to pay out a win. Claiming 鈥測ou did maximum bets鈥?saying that the size of my spins were in breach of their terms and conditions
This has all the indicators of a scam.
– allowing payers to make high bets
– when they win claiming 鈥渉igh bets are a breach鈥?br />

How bizarre
Definitely a scam- so be wary of putting any money in this casino m
Their terms and conditions are very long and also strange (bet size being a breach) which is how scams work
They pull up a dot point from a 1000-3000 word 鈥榯erms and conditions鈥?to void your wins
You have no idea that dot point existed as you can鈥檛 recall every since dot point- but are also perplexed as to why they allowed you to bet that in the first place

CAREFUL this is a scam and the positive posts are fake/bought

They have now changed their wording to state I have 鈥榖roken rules鈥?to legitimise their scamming of customers. Be wary of terms and conditions you agree to upon commencement as there are components they can use against you if you win. They will find the applicable rules to scam you from your winnings.
We went to a local casino recently, no catch, no scam, no 鈥榯erms and conditions鈥?just honest play. If you want easy, convenient and scamless play, then Bitstarz is not for you- as your signing up to be scammed and accused for 鈥榖reaking rules鈥?when you do bets that their platform allow you to do.

Customer service agents are prepped with the scamming scripts too. Check our 鈥極lle鈥榮 response. They have the scam wording ready


1 year ago

Refused to payout my winnings and disabled my account because they claim I have multiple accounts. It's complete BS and I am very angry. They stole .03 bitcoin from me which is currently worth about $240 usd.


1 year ago

Never had any problems withdrawing from BitStarz


1 year ago

Bitstarz refuses to process withdrawal of 1 BTC (7215 EUR) with the motive of duplicated accounts and that BitStarz is not available in Spain.

-First account was not in use , self exclusion option activated, first account was requested and access to the account immediately restricted and at no point were two active accounts used.

-Withdrawals were previously made with my personal information

Verification procedure was done several times ,once verified I received the following email:

鈥?br />

I hate to bear the bad news but your account has been found to be duplicated meaning that you have violated our terms and conditions by having more than 1 account registered with Bitstarz. Such checks are standard procedure at Bitstarz whenever we receive cash outs that are higher than a certain amount.
Also we do not offer our services in Spain.

Your last deposit has been returned and remaining funds forfeited. Please withdraw the deposit and then the account will be closed.
鈥?br />

BitStarz failed to verify or inform the account closure until withdrawal request was made, allowing deposits and funds to be spent on the platform but confiscating the earnings.

Bitstarz operates illegally in the countries which are mentioned as prohibited in their Terms of Use system failed to restrict/block access to countries ,allowing users to deposit and spend the funds on the platform but confiscating the withdrawals.

We can provide proof that other individuals successfully deposited and withdrew funds from Spain and other restricted countries including myself. Although I had successful withdrawals from BitStarz this time they decide to confiscate it as they don鈥檛 鈥渙perate鈥?in Spain.

We will file a Class action and start a formal dispute via European Union Consumer Protection action against your company.

We are requesting the following details which customer service representatives refused to provide (over 8 times) both via email and Facebook Messenger.
-Name for person in charge of legal department
-Company Address
-Phone number

The customer service representative refused both via email and Facebook Messenger several times to provide the information required reiterating their statement regarding the confiscation of the funds and that there would be no possibility of getting the 72150 EUR that was earned on the platform without the possibility of full refund of past 20 transactions.


1 year ago

They refused to pay out my winnings of 4 bitcoins, complete scam, do not deposit/nor gamble on their scam website.


1 year ago

I must say that this casino have good reputation on some sites and because of that i registred here a couple years before.First year when i was start to play i won over 200 euro but they delete them because i bet couple times over 5 euro even i lost on that way they confiscate me money and give me my deposit back.I tried to complain,site was rejected .
I tried this year to give another chance and deposit with bitcion ,but didnt recived money on account,no back to my crypto wallet ,they dissaper.Again they have rules which they allow him to do that,because i deposit smaller than minimum with euro account, but its not smaller than crypto account .Anyway they catch you on this small things ,rules and take you money.
I feel that they in deal with some sites who rejected my complaints and give them high position on list even they have bad terms.

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