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3 years ago

My 13yr old and I had been thinking of purchasing a Golden Retriever for a while, however everywhere we looked the cost of a puppy was over $2000.

We found a website called (# (614) 662-0351. We selected Golden Retriever puppy named Leo (Wilson) for $590. This was super affordable compared to local area breeders and other sites. I filled out a form on the site and "Booked" the puppy. I quickly received a message from a person named Vaiden. Eventually, I was given instructions on how to purchase the puppy. I would need to Western Union $590 to:

Receivers Name…Marvin Raymond
Zip code…43201
Amount ….$590

Vaiden informed me that there would be no cost for shipping and that I would receive further instructions once the money was received. Once I sent the payment, I received information from Aircountry Express and was provided a Tracking number.

Aircountry Express
980 Stonecoal Road,Toledo, OH 43602
Tracking #: AIR1265810850462565

Mr Vaiden Shaw
1499 Shanley Dr, Columbus, OH 43224
614 662 0351

Red Flag #1: Email from Aircounty Express, indicating the crate provided wasn't adequate and demanding that I choose one of the options below and send the funds via Western Union to the following:
CITY: Columbus
ZIP CODE: 43201



Renting聽charge:聽聽聽聽聽聽$680 100%聽Refundable

I paid the $680, as that all I could afford, and I wanted the puppy to be safe. Also, it stated that it would be refundable. A few hours later I received the next message鈥?

Red Flag #2: Email from Aircounty Express, indicating I purchase life insurance for $980 for the puppy and send the money via Western Union again, to Antone Neville, which was 98% refundable.

I reported to Vaiden that I could not pay for the insurance and that I was very upset that I wouldn't be receiving the puppy. He asked if I could put in half and he'd pay for the rest, I said I had no more money (because I didn't). He said he'd take care of it and that I'd just need him to send him the money, when it was refunded by the delivery person in the end.

I got a notice that the puppy would not arrive as originally stated, but would now arrive the next day. On the next day, I received notice that there was bad weather in Atlanta, which was true, and that he would arrive the following day. The puppy never arrived. I was heart broken.

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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