Bone Fish Reviews - Bone Fish Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Everything was greatSurvey code 512219-832008-721619. I loved Mike D. The service was great. Cant wait to come back with family and friends.


3 years ago

I spoke to my bank about this company and they not only contacted them, they got me a refund and stopped any future payments. I'm very pleased.


4 years ago

You have incorrectly taken 拢12.99 as i have not signed up so stop using fraud as a way to get money in no way have i signed up for anything so best you pay me back


5 years ago

you have taken 拢12.99 from my account when you should not have done so


7 years ago

I agree with the other reviews This is a scam site.
I have disputed their charges. They sent me to different websites. Their staff are unhelpful and blatantly rude. Eventually they did not respond any more. I ended up with a dispute through my VISA card and got a new VISA card so they can not charge me in the future.

Avoid this site.


7 years ago

This is a scam site. They hide terms & conditions in the small print that they claim mean that although you subscribe for a period of 1 month, that your membership becomes 'recurring' and they will continue to bill you.

Their staff are unhelpful and blatantly rude

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8 years ago

do not use this site charges keep reappearing ..impossible to trace


10 years ago

nearly impossible to cancel. your profile ends up on many different sites and no way of opting out of that either. Best avoided


11 years ago

This website is down grading, a meat market is class. This site when you subscribe and cancel your subscription, they will carry on debting your account 12 months later. I have emailed them, and they keep telling my account has not been closed, but I have and keep closing. Dont join them, it`s a dating site con and scam. Once you subscribe you can't stop them taking your money.

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