Bonebakker Juwelier Reviews - Bonebakker Juwelier Scam or Legit


2 years ago

So, I have a successful experience. A beautiful place and smart staff. The best of them is Aron, he is a designer. I advise you to discuss all the details with him.

I was very disappointed with Tiffany: diamonds were worse and more expensive. Unreasonably expensive.

I highly recommend this jewelry store! Bonebakker gave us more than we expected! Thanks to the designer Aron.? I received an excellent diamond, quite large. It was a very pleasant purchase, because the price was acceptable. I even thought that my diamond would be less for the money that I had. But my diamond is bigger than my expectation! It is very nice! I recommend ordering any design and any jewelry here.

I really want to come back here again.)

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