Bonehead Performance, Warminster, Bucks County PA 18974 Reviews - Bonehead Performance, Warminster, Bucks County PA 18974 Scam or Legit

Website: 1741 Loretta Ave Feasterville-Trevose 19053
(215) 674-8206

2 years ago

They claim to have many sets of the Supra style taillights for sc300 that I bought on Friday in stock yet no shipment that day, no shipment Saturday, Monday Ill forgive because it was Memorial Day, and no shipment today. Have dodged 3 of my contact attempts today even while being tagged on Instagram. I wouldnt trust the reviews for them; likely left by friends or people that have been paid off in my opinion. I warned them it was going to go this direction. I know how hard it is to get these taillights; the ones on my car now I had to buy separately. I think they just cant be honest and are trying to get me to give up on the product/money, once you pay them theyll likely act like you dont exist.

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