BonellClothing Reviews - BonellClothing Scam or Legit


3 years ago

saw the facebook ad for gucci flipflops that were up to 50% off so i went for it. replicas tend to sell for 20 usd, not 80+. i waited about three months before they got in and when i opened the cheap package up i immediately knew they were counterfeit. nothing but Chinese scammers using a Australian domain.


4 years ago

Brought a pair of Gucci slippers sent me the wrong size and they were knock-offs. Do not buy from them.


4 years ago

I bought 2 jackets. 3 weeks later i just got a shiping confirmation and a refund for the other jacket for some reason. The one that shipped says its coming from china. You know the fake knock-off brands mecha. So i asked them to refund both jackets. They started ignoring me, ie; no reply to email or fb message and deleting my comments on their fb page warning others. As of right now im threatening them to refund my $#*! asap while I still have yet to get any refund for anything. My advice… Their fake. If its too good to be true. It is. $#*! them and move on to the legit websites and never buy anything offa fb.

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