Bonescoffee Reviews - Bonescoffee Scam or Legit


1 month ago

Amazing coffee, gear, and customer service that really makes you feel at home!! I enjoy them very much and you will to. Such fun flavors and decaf if you can do caffeine like me!!!!


9 months ago

How do you all make your coffee taste like the actual item it's flavored as??? I ordered the peanut butter and jelly coffee as a gift for my husband as a little silly thing.

I figured the flavoring was a gimmick. The flavor I was imagining was an overwhelming peanut taste with no jelly flavor. I wasn't expecting anything more than it just being a cute gift.

The coffee arrived and my husband prepared it with a pour over set up. I don't know how Bones Coffee did it. I don't know how they figured this out. But this coffee tastes EXACTLY like a PB&J. I didn't personally care for the flavor because I just wasn't expecting an actual drinkable childhood sandwich. That's not the fault of Bones! They're just doing their job! If they advertise a coffee as tasting like something specific THEY MEAN IT!

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