Bonfork Restaurant Websites Reviews - Bonfork Restaurant Websites Scam or Legit

Website: 17 Sagamore Crescent Toronto M9C 4G3 Canada

5 months ago

We have a little pub in Wales which has needed a website for over a year. Everytime we started the process of getting one sorted it would go the same way. We would get a web designer in to chat, usually somebody we knew. They would send a price through and we would decide it was to expensesive at that time and would look at the various solutions for building one ourselves. After wasting another day or two trying to build something we were happy with we would give up and until next time it become a priority.

Until we stumbled upon Bonfork…….

Bonfork was in our monthly budget, they took care of everything technical. they update the site within a day with pretty much what ever we need and the whole process took 3 days from start to finish.

They handle all the design, hosting, url, security, update and even a logo.

I cant recommend them enough!!

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